QA Interview

Leveraging Micro-credentials to Tailor Teacher Development

We sat down and spoke with Dr. Kristin Humphries, Superintendent of East Moline School District, to learn more about the district’s new micro-credential program launching this fall. This is what he had to share.
Grant Funding

Securing Grant Funding with Recovery Micro-Credentials

See how we helped districts in Indiana secure funding to provide learning recovery and remediation services for K-12 students who were impacted by COVID-19 during the 2020-2021 School Year.

Going Hybrid or Remote: Lessons Learned from District Leadership

Whether responsible for a district large or small, or rural or urban, district leaders across the country all faced overnight change this past year and are figuring out the new rules of school together now. We recently brought together Mary Henderson, Superintendent of Roselle School District, Victoria Hansen, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction of […]

Teaching in 2020 – Meeting Individual Student Needs in Illinois

Today we’re pleased to bring you the thoughts and learnings from Michelle Brewington, 4th grade teacher at Hinckley-Big Rock Elementary School, and Tory Brown, special education teacher at Hinckley-Big Rock Middle School for Hinckley-Big Rock CUSD, Illinois.
4 Alternatives Webinar

ICYMI: Highlights from the Webinar, 4 Alternatives to Streaming Lessons

Teaching looks a little different for everyone this school year. Many schools have gone hybrid or remote, while others are on standby just in case they need to make the switch to fully remote.  To help teachers navigate these challenging times, we brought in Heather Staker, Founder and President of Ready to Blend, and Cheryl […]

Teaching in 2020 – Inspiration from a Principal and Lead Teacher in McDowell, North Carolina

The teaching profession changed forever in a little over 6 months. From an emergency transition to remote learning, to a summer preparing for an uncertain fall, and then school reopenings in various forms, teachers now are writing a unique chapter in the history of education. To do our small part to record the special insights […]

Experiencing Purposeful Professional Learning Along the Journey to National Board Certification

Learn why 8th grade Algebra teacher, Fernanda Pierre, decided to pursue National Board Certification and how BloomBoard's National Board Pre-Candidacy Support Program helped her prepare for her journey.

ICYMI: Highlights from the Teacher “Survival Skills” Webinar

This school year presents unique opportunities and challenges, and educators have used this summer wisely in preparation for how to best serve their students in the days ahead. The webinar “A Leader’s Guide: The Survival Skills Every Teachers Needs This Fall and Beyond” was reviewed by attendees as one of our most helpful events this summer, and we’ve broken down the highlights...
Step Up for Students and BloomBoard

Highlights from the redefinED podcast: Thoughts on preparing educators for fall with special guest Sanford Kenyon, BloomBoard CEO

The redefinEd podcast invited BloomBoard CEO Sanford Kenyon to chat with Step Up for Students President Doug Tuthill about the unique challenges and opportunities facing educators this fall. With time running short, they discuss what can be done to prepare educators for a successful school year.

ICYMI: BloomBoard co-founder Jason Lange Talks All Things Micro-credentials on the School ZonED Podcast

BloomBoard founder and President Jason Lange visits with OPSCR’s School Zoned podcast to talk all things micro-credentials and the impact BloomBoard and OPSRC’s partnership will have on Oklahoma’s educators and students.

BloomBoard Clarification of Facts Related to KDKA Article on Pittsburgh Superintendent Anthony Hamlet

At BloomBoard, our mission is to empower people to be demonstrably great in the work they do. Since 2010 we’ve been leading the change towards competency-based educator growth and advancement. We’ve partnered with hundreds of districts across the U.S. and in these relationships, we strive to demonstrate integrity, humility, caring, and authenticity. Our district and […]

Statewide Micro-credential Certification Approved by Texas Legislature

The Texas State Legislature unanimously approved House Bill 2424 (TX HB 2424), an act that requires the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) to propose rules for establishing a program to issue micro-credentials in fields of study related to an educator’s certification class. In addition, SBEC will propose rules to establish a process for identifying […]
Blog: 3 Scientific Truths to Mastering Motivation

3 Scientific Truths of Teacher Motivation

For some teachers, teaching was their calling. For most other teachers and aspiring educators, they require the right motivation and incentives to endure. In a new book, Master Your Motivation: Three Scientific Truths for Achieving Your Goals, author Susan Fowler draws on the latest empirical research to show readers how to master—and maintain—their motivation by […]
Blog: BloomBoard Shines in World Bank Group Innovation Showcase

BloomBoard Shines in World Bank Group Innovation Showcase

BloomBoard was recently invited by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group to attend their 2018 annual meeting in Bali, Indonesia. We were among a small group of companies selected to participate in the Innovation Showcase. How can we help unlock educators’ career and compensation potential? CEO Sanford Kenyon joined the #WBGMeetings to share […]
Blog: The Challenge of the Third Grade Reading Challenge

The Challenge of the Third Grade Reading Challenge

We want all kids to read well by the end of third grade, the year when reading abilities can predict the likeliness of high school graduation. The idea is so important that 18 states and the District of Columbia have mandatory third-grade retention policies requiring students to demonstrate proficiency in reading or be “held back”. […]
Blog: Managing the Change Towards Competency-based Professional Development

Managing the Change Towards Competency-based Professional Development

Over the past two and a half years, BloomBoard has been working with hundreds of organizations (including districts, regional education service providers, and state departments of education) to help them transition to a competency-based model of professional development. While we work with each of these organizations to provide solutions to a wide variety of problems […]
Blog: Engage, Embark, and Embrace the Journey with Competency-Based Professional Development

Engage, Embark, and Embrace the Journey with Competency-Based Professional Development

Take a moment to reflect on your cultural readiness. Arriving in the land of competency-based professional development does not happen by accident. Educators intrigued by this path of interest-based professional learning are prepared to show their passports for adventures in efficacy and fulfillment. The question, though, is how does a district know if they are […]
Blog: Success Story: A Phased Approach to Implementing Micro-credentials

Success Story: A Phased Approach to Implementing Micro-credentials

In 2017, the Tennessee Department of Education decided to pilot micro-credentials to gather feedback and explore avenues for providing more personalized learning for educators across the state. To ensure success, the department laid out a phased approach to implementing competency-based micro-credentials that aimed to: Improve opportunities for professional growth for educators Enable greater ownership of […]
Blog: Is College Still Worth It?

Is College Still Worth It? A TED Talk by Jason Lange

In February 2018, BloomBoard co-founder and president, Jason Lange, had the opportunity to speak at TEDx Wilmington. The conference theme was Education Possible and brought together educators, students, parents, and other community members to explore the positive impact that education has on young minds as well as some areas in need of vast improvements. Below […]
Blog: The Shift to Competency-Based Professional Learning

The Shift Towards Competency-based Professional Learning

One of the biggest challenges faced in education today is understanding how instructors can best communicate information to their students while ensuring it has been absorbed and can be applied in practice. Over the years it has become more and more evident that the status quo just isn’t working. As a result, we’re seeing a […]
Blog: Changing Mindsets: Dormancy May Lead to a Super Bloom

Changing Mindsets: Dormancy May Lead to a Super Bloom

A principal at an educational seminar made this comment, “Our teachers are lazy. They don’t want more training.” I think he’s dead wrong. Teachers may feel like they are stuck in a rut, but I believe that what appears to be a barren desert may actually be a super bloom waiting to happen. A super […]

13 Reasons Why Your District Needs Suicide Prevention Training

The hit Netflix series, ‘13 Reasons Why,’ is getting a lot of attention on how it irresponsibly romanticizes teen suicide. The series is about a high school student who leaves behind audio tapes for the 13 people she says contributed to her suicide. The show has been both praised and panned by viewers and has […]
Blog: 4 Components of Implementing Social and Emotional Learning

4 Components of Implementing Social and Emotional Learning

As interest grows in the benefits of social and emotional learning (SEL) for students and staff, a growing number of districts are adopting systemic strategies that embed SEL into every aspect of school life. In a recent BloomBoard webinar, Kori Sanchez Smith, a Social Emotional Learning advocate, spoke about the four components of implementing social […]
Blog: Learning By Doing

Learning by Doing — A Strong Case for Micro-credentials

Research coming out of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA confirms what many educators have believed for a long while — that learning by doing rather than by watching, reading, or listening alone results in the richest and deepest learning. In fact, in the study of more than 12,500 participants (across various disciplines), “doers” learned […]
Blog: Increasing Potential with Micro-credentials

Increasing Potential with Micro-credentials: An Interview with Teacher Katie Hoff

Micro-credentials are getting lots of attention lately as an alternative to traditional, one-size-fits-all models of professional development (PD). While a recent study by Digital Promise showed that few teachers know about them, some early adopters across the country are blazing the trail for micro-credential implementation.  Kettle Moraine School District in Wisconsin, for example, is implementing micro-credentials as […]