Rethinking Your Teacher Pipeline Strategy

How Apprenticeships Can Upskill, Diversify, and Expand Your Educator Workforce

Apprenticeship programs

School districts across the U.S. are experiencing staffing shortages, and schools of education are facing declining enrollment. Paid degree apprenticeships for aspiring teachers offer a novel solution to staffing shortages, while simultaneously holding the potential to increase teacher effectiveness, job satisfaction, and, ultimately, retention.

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  • Why school districts are shifting towards apprenticeship based programs for teacher certification and advancement
  • How these programs can help your district solve pipeline and retention challenges
  • How compensated apprenticeship programs can also provide the opportunity to diversify your workforce
    About BloomBoard BloomBoard is a talent development provider that enables K-12 school districts to grow, advance and retain educators by making professional education a benefit of employment. We offer turn-key programs for school districts to move educators forward at all points of their professional journey. Our platform connects districts to higher education institutions that offer apprenticeship, certification, and degree programs using a unique, on-the-job instructional model. We help to assess needs, build and implement plans, and celebrate educator success.     

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