About BloomBoard

BloomBoard is the leading platform for enabling educator advancement via micro-credentials, a form of micro-certification. With BloomBoard, districts can provide meaningful professional learning experiences, improving how they support, scale, and grow effective teachers. For educators, BloomBoard provides a place to build new competencies and earn certification through micro-credentials.

Our Leaders

Sanford Kenyon

Chief Executive Officer

Sanford joined BloomBoard in October 2015 as Chief Revenue Officer and assumed the CEO role in February of 2017. He has twenty-five years experience in software and technology-based businesses, the last ten of which have been focused on education technology businesses including Blackboard and SchoolMessenger.

Jason Lange

Co-founder and President

Jason Lange is the co-founder and President of BloomBoard. He brings a unique combination of strategic wherewithal and unbridled passion for fundamentally changing the education landscape through empowering educator growth.

Kelly Montes De Oca

Chief Learning Officer

Kelly leads all implementation efforts at state and district levels and oversees all support and training of BloomBoard educators. She brings more than 25 years of experience as a  transformational educator, a leader at both the school and district levels, and as a thought partner to drive instructional and systematic change in districts across the country.

Jim Martin

Head of District Partnerships

Jim leads our team of district partnership directors who are focused on client retention and expanding the Bloomboard brand. With over 20 years of experience at companies including Blackboard and BrightBytes, he is passionate about building effective teams that support educators with innovative solutions aimed at driving student success.

Juan Valencia

Head of Engineering

Juan took the helm of engineering at BloomBoard in 2017 to lead the evolution of the BloomBoard platform. His experience as both an educator and engineering leader drives his passion for building strong engineering teams that develop and implement world-class solutions for educators.

Molly Latinova

Director, Product

Molly leads Product Development at BloomBoard. She joined the company in 2014 and spent her former years supporting state and district implementations. As a former educator, an entrepreneur, a mother of two, and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Molly brings a unique perspective to her role that strengthens how BloomBoard serves educators.

Pete Cordero

Director, Customer Success

Pete leads the client success team, which supports BloomBoard partner organizations in implementing their micro-credential programs. After spending the first 12 years of his career in sales and marketing leadership roles, Pete shifted his focus to the K-12 education sector and has spent the last 13 years in various operational, instructional and people leadership roles.

Michael Rutkowski

Head of Marketing

Michael leads the marketing team at Bloomboard, helping to promote educator growth and advancement via micro-credentials. His calling in life is to help education companies grow. He started his career at Imagine Learning and later joined Instructure (Canvas LMS) as an early stage employee that served as a member of their marketing leadership team through their IPO and beyond.

BloomBoard’s Journey

BloomBoard was founded by Jason Lange and Eric Dunn in 2010 when they took on the challenge of developing a teacher coaching platform that would use technology to take the principles of differentiated instruction for students — and apply those principles — to teacher development and support. With that core mission in mind, BloomBoard has evolved to a platform for professional learning with purpose via micro-credentials.