Your Trust Is Our #1 Priority  

BloomBoard’s Security Policy

We work day in, day out with educators, universities, state departments of education, school districts, and educational service centers to advance educators’ careers and provide the highest quality instruction to students. We take our partners’ and our own security very seriously. We strive to implement best practices and collect as little sensitive information as possible to execute on our mission. Below are tenets of our security policy:  

BloomBoard Security Policy

Infrastructure security

  • Our intrusion detection system keeps a watchful eye on potential threats.
  • Both our production database and network are guarded through limited access.

Organizational security

  • We add layers of security that are hard to break through with an enforced password policy.

Product security

  • Your data isn’t just stored; it’s encrypted to offer you unparalleled safety.
  • As your data moves, our encrypted transmission keeps it under a safety cloak.
  • System activities are monitored and logged, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Internal security procedures

  • Our production deployment access is restricted for safekeeping.
  • We have an established vendor management program to ensure we’ve selected the most trustworthy partners.
  • Our incident response policies are set up to act swiftly and efficiently to tackle any unforeseen events.

Data and privacy

  • We have a concrete privacy policy that respects and protects your data.
  • With established privacy-complaint procedures, we make sure we’re aligned with the best standards.

Our comprehensive security policy is our commitment to giving you peace of mind and keeping your trust intact. We are proud to offer that at every step of the journey. 

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