Success Stories

These success stories are a small sample of how school districts are working with BloomBoard to address educator recruitment and retention by preparing, promoting, and advancing educators.

Waterbury Public Schools

Addressing Teacher Advancement and Retention


Find out how Waterbury Public Schools in Connecticut is partnering with BloomBoard and leveraging Covid relief funds to offer free, on-the-job college-credit courses for up to 800 current staffers. Through their Waterbury U initiative, the district aims to provide teachers with deeper, more meaningful professional learning while improving teacher retention.

North Texas Collegiate Academy

Investing in Teacher Growth and Advancement

Learn how North Texas Collegiate Academy is investing in their educators to become an employer of choice. By creating a path toward career advancement and higher compensation, the district is seeing improved retention and educators are gaining relevant new skills while working in their classrooms.

North TX Collegiate Academy

Bellwood School District 88

Supporting Educators with Meaningful, On-the-Job Professional Learning 

Bellwood School District 88

Learn why Bellwood School District 88 partnered with BloomBoard to provide meaningful support for educators during a time when they needed it most. Hear how they implemented their learning programs and what teachers across the district are saying about their experience.

Harmony Public Schools

Micro-Credentials for Career and Compensation Advancement

Harmony Public Schools had been exploring ways to provide educators with performance-based compensation and career advancement opportunities to improve teacher effectiveness, retention, and satisfaction. A big focus was to ensure that leaving the classroom was not the only path to moving up the career and compensation ladder. Read their story to find out how they took a phased approach to redefining career pathways across the organization.