Join us on August 18 to learn about how to equip your teachers with the  foundational skills needed for student well-being!

Make professional education a benefit of employment, and support educators at any point in their professional journey


Unlocking Opportunity

Prepare, promote, and advance your educators with BloomBoard

We connect school districts to higher education institutions that offer educator preparation, certification, and degree programs using a unique, on-the-job instructional model.

Learning Silos

A single Talent Development Solution to unify professional learning and advancement

Make promotion and advancement accessible to ALL educators

→  Programs can be used as an effective way to recruit and retain teachers

→  Pricing compares favorably to traditional degree and certification programs

Programs are designed to enable flexibility so educators can learn at their own pace, while earning university credit and degrees in their own classrooms


Leverage state or federal funding to cover or subsidize educators’ degrees

→   ESSER funds, title funds, and other grant or funding sources can be used to cover the cost of programs

Work with Us

BloomBoard’s turnkey talent development solution includes program design, recruitment, implementation,
and recognition to honor your educators and their work.


We help build and launch your plan, engaging your educators


We lead the implementation process for you


We support you in celebrating your educators’ success


Align professional learning to your district’s strategic objectives

→  Customize programs to align to your district’s specific needs 

→  Allow educators to align coursework with their unique needs and goals

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