Is Your Educator Workforce Thriving?

BloomBoard is a talent development provider that helps school districts with educator pipeline, advancement, and retention solutions. We offer turnkey programs to move educators forward at all points of their professional journey—from becoming a Teacher’s Aide to becoming a School Leader.

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Why It’s Important

Your Teachers Are Your Future

Many teacher education programs are expensive, time-consuming, and not relevant to classroom practice. We’re changing that by connecting school districts to higher education institutions to create opportunity for all teachers at every level, and it all starts with
our unique on-the-job learning approach.


School Districts

Preparation, promotion, and salary advancement for every educator, at every level of your org


Higher Education Institutions

Ready-made, innovative distance learning degree and certification programs you can make your own

Who is BloomBoard

We’re Here to Help You Solve Your Teacher Shortage

BloomBoard’s turnkey Talent Development Solutions for school districts prepare, promote, and advance educators at all points in their professional journey. Watch the video to learn more. 

How it Works

Turn your existing teacher support efforts and funding into your own district-branded “University”

We will assess your district’s needs, then design and implement a “Your-District U” branded program. The program will connect your educators to higher education institutions that offer unique, on-the-job certification and degree options for their specific needs and goals.


A unique portfolio-based, coaching-supported learning approach that allows your teachers to earn accredited degrees and certifications by showing what they know in their classroom practice.

Purpose-Based Learning

Meaningful, measurable growth in teacher classroom practice and linkages to salary and career advancement via accredited degrees and state certifications.

Turnkey Program Implementation

Program design, recruitment, implementation, and recognition to honor your educators and their work, while elevating their careers.


School District in Action

Hear how Connecticut-based Waterbury Public Schools is partnering with BloomBoard to address the teacher pipeline and retention crisis through on-the-job professional learning. 

By the Numbers

BloomBoard drives real outcomes for your teachers and your district

When you provide meaningful development and advancement opportunities for your teachers, it becomes your competitive advantage. BloomBoard helps you support teacher development and improve classroom effectiveness.



of educators indicated that BloomBoard’s learning model has had a positive impact on their practice as an educator.



of educators found our coaching support valuable or extremely valuable.



of educators found the assessor feedback provided through BloomBoard valuable or extremely valuable.

In their Words

Education Changes Lives

See firsthand how BloomBoard has made a real difference for both teachers and their school districts.

Dr. Victoria Hansen, Superintendent, Illinois

“The partnership with BloomBoard has been a game changer for our district. The BloomBoard team helped me to realize my vision for personalized learning and advancement. Our teachers are now better equipped to serve the needs of our students.”

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Dr. Lisa Stanley, Superintendent, Texas

The BloomBoard model helps both the teachers and the schools. While my staff can accumulate credit toward a master’s degree and deepen their instructional practice, our school is attracting and retaining teachers who are better prepared to meet the demands of our students.”

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Are you ready to create meaningful professional learning
and advancement opportunities for your teachers?

Schedule time to talk with one of our experts to learn how BloomBoard can help your school district create a 
sustainable educator pipeline and a thriving workforce that will flourish in your district.