Can New Teacher Pathways Fulfill Their Promise?

Apprenticeship, Residency, and Grow Your Own — Clarifying Confusion and Assessing Potential

Teacher engaged in lively conversation with middle-school students.

“Apprenticeship,” “residency,” and “grow-your-own” are taking hold as the latest buzzwords in K-12 teacher recruitment, and education stakeholders are trying to get in on the action. But the teacher pathways now available can vary widely in terms of structure, quality, accessibility, cost, and more. For education leaders, untangling the web of options can be confusing and time-consuming.

In this thought leadership webinar, Amaya Garcia, Director of PreK-12 Research and Practice in the Education Policy Program at New America, and Jason Lange, President and Co-Founder of BloomBoard dive into the #1 challenge facing school districts today – teacher recruitment and retention.

They discuss the various new pathways into teaching that are gaining momentum in districts across the country and provide clarity on what apprenticeship, residency, and grow-your-own programs have in common and how they differ. They also discuss what’s working for teachers and for school districts – and what’s not.

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