What National Board Certified Teachers Wish They Had Known

Hear from a select panel of National Board-certified teachers about what they experienced while certifying. Learn what surprised them about the process of becoming a National Board-certified teacher, what they wish they had known before they started, the greatest challenges they faced during certification, and what standing among the best in teaching as a National Board-certified teacher has meant for their career and their students.

This panel was moderated by Beth Maloney. Beth is currently in her twentieth year of teaching and enjoys every minute of her time in the classroom teaching fifth grade. She is a renewed National Board Certified Teacher, a Candidate Support Provider for other teachers undergoing certification, the past-president and co-founder of the Arizona National Board Certified Teachers Network, and a blogger on Stories from School Arizona. Beth is also the president and founder of the Arizona Chapter of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year. She is an Empatico Mentor Fellow, an Understood Fellow, and a Teacher Champion. She holds a doctorate in higher and post-secondary education and is honored to be the 2014 Arizona Teacher of the Year.


Adrienne Henderson-Cole
Josh Meibos
Lauren Jewett

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