Be a part of the Micro-credential Movement

Leading education training organizations work with BloomBoard to build professional learning micro-credential programs designed to help schools, districts, and states to empower teacher growth.

Why Work With BloomBoard?

National and regional professional development providers, authors, consultants, and education service agencies, are looking to BloomBoard to enhance their district and school offerings. Our goal is to help them develop micro-credential programs they can provide to their district and school clients, as well as individual teachers. Organizations can provide these programs as a standalone online offering or pair them with on-site trainings for a blended approach. Leveraging the BloomBoard platform provides educational organizations with the opportunity to:

  • Find new ways to reach educators, schools, and districts
  • Differentiate their offerings by delivering them through a competency-based model
  • Scale their business and gain new revenue streams while managing costs

Partnership Opportunities

Opportunities to work together include:

  • Co-development of micro-certification programs that your organization can offer to school and district clients as well as individual teachers. You can utilize existing content and delivery structures or create custom offerings.
  • Access to the BloomBoard platform that was designed from the ground up to support competency-based professional learning and the management and delivery of portable micro-credentials.
  • Transition a labor intensive, on-ground training model to a blended professional development offering.
  • Transition asynchronous online courses to personalized, competency-based online learning experiences that include collaboration and coaching.
  • Help your organization develop a business structure that drives the success of your competency-based learning programs.

Our partnership team will work closely with your organization to develop programs and micro-credentials aligned to your clients’ needs. BloomBoard can also provide organizations with off-the-shelf programs that are ready for market. In addition, we provide support to ensure successful implementation across your clients including facilitation, coaching, micro-credential reviewer services, and go-to-market.

Explore Partnership Opportunities

BloomBoard Partners

A number of organizations work with BloomBoard to deliver powerful learning opportunities via micro-credentials

Explore Partnership Opportunities

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