Micro-credential Program

Social Emotional Literacy

This integrated approach developed by The Learning Alliance, builds students’ social emotional competencies while also attending to their foundational literacy needs. Using research-based, best practice strategies, educators learn effective ways to reach ALL students.
The Learning Alliance’s Social Emotional Literacy micro-credentials give educators high-leverage strategies that tie to literacy goals and meet social emotional needs, so that students are available to learn. These strategies enhance standards-based instruction, meeting the foundational and the social emotional needs of K-5 learners. This 2-in-1 approach helps educators to deliver engaging, yet rigorous instruction that meet the standards of the 21st century classroom.

Micro-credentials in this Program

Using Structures and Prosocial Experiences to Support Social Emotional Literacy

Using Instructional Practices that Build Self-Regulation

Bringing Voices and Values into the Classroom

Creating a Language Rich Classroom

Developing Phonological Skills Through Rhythm, Rhyme, and Rap

How to Build a Brain that Reads: Strategies to Teach Phonics

Why Choose the Social Emotional Literacy Program?

Participants will learn how to make your students feel safe and welcome starting on the first day of school. And they’ll learn how to build community so that your students are available to learn. Develop key competencies to start off the school year with a smile and foster community and a love of learning throughout the year.

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Issued by The Learning Alliance

The Learning Alliance (TLA) is a non-profit dedicated to literacy by the end of third grade. In existence since 2010, TLA has successfully worked to improve literacy outcomes through its innovative teacher professional development, providing extended learning resources for students, and galvanizing a community around the goal of literacy for sustainable, collective impact.

Why Micro-credentials Matters

Each micro-credential earned signifies that an educator has met the profession’s highest standards for demonstrated practice of a specific competency. Together, with our state, district, and training development partners, we are advancing the next generation of professional learning while bringing cohesion, transparency, and professionalism to the profession.

What’s in a Micro-credential

A micro-credential is a form of micro-certification earned by demonstrating competency in one specific skill at a time, via a portfolio of evidence, created through classroom practice.

Micro-credentials on BloomBoard follow the ADDIE instructional design framework. Each micro-credential is based on a robust, standardized blueprint, grounded in instructional design best practices.

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