What Are Micro-Credentials?

Micro-credentials are a form of certification earned by demonstrating competency in one specific area at a time. BloomBoard’s micro-credentials are created by educators, based on research, and designed to meaningfully improve teachers’ instructional practices.

They are earned through our learn-by-doing process, allowing teachers to submit evidence from their own classroom practice to demonstrate their skills. What sets BloomBoard micro-credentials apart is the depth of instruction, coaching, peer support and rigorous assessment we provide.

How Do You Earn a BloomBoard Micro-credential?

Teachers can earn BloomBoard micro-credentials on their own schedules without any tests or seat-time. They have access to a robust set of supports whenever they need help. The process for earning a micro-credential consists of five easy steps:

Get Started: Each micro-credential includes the learning goal, the requirements for effective demonstration of the competency, and a performance rubric so teachers understand the commitment.

Learn: Participants work towards developing their knowledge and skill. They do this by engaging in a set of activities that are recommended based on the participant’s responses to a self-assessment. Participants can leverage online resources through the BloomBoard platform, receive coaching, and collaborate with other educators.

Build artifacts: This is where participants learn by doing. Participants are required to create a set of artifacts in order to provide evidence that they have met the demonstrated outcomes. In order to do this, participants must practice and implement their skills in the classroom.

Submit Portfolio: When they’re ready, they will upload these artifacts and submit them online through the BloomBoard platform.

Review Results: When a teacher submits a portfolio of evidence on the BloomBoard platform, a certified assessor and a certified approver will review and provide concrete feedback.

A few of the MCs
BloomBoard offers



 A Learn-by-doing Approach to Building Teacher Skills in Challenging Time

Learn how micro-credentials let your teachers practice and demonstrate the skills they need right now for supporting students’ well-being and learning recovery.


What is a Micro-Endorsement?

Our micro-endorsements consist of multiple, individual micro-credentials representing a discrete set of competencies needed for certification in a given topic. Micro-endorsements can be combined into different programs such as Master’s degrees, certification, or state recognized endorsements.

Earning Graduate Degree Credit with Micro-credentials

BloomBoard is now partnering with universities to offer graduate degree programs for select micro-endorsement programs.