BloomBoard will provide DuPage county teachers a competency-based, personalized approach to improved instruction that impacts student learning

Pittsburgh, PA, (June 30, 2020) — Today BloomBoard announced it has partnered with DuPage Regional Office of Education (ROE) to support DuPage County school districts in providing effective blended instruction through a job-embedded approach to professional learning and career advancement using micro-credentials. The partnership will make BloomBoard’s Fall Readiness Program available to DuPage County school districts, providing educators with blended learning support and key instruction practices ahead of Fall 2020 in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The advantages of BloomBoard’s programs will be two-fold: its Fall Readiness Program will coach educators to up-level their blended learning instruction to meet students’ academic and personal needs this fall, and its micro-credentialing framework will provide districts a customizable continuing education program that can align with each districts’ needs long-term, support teacher growth and lead to improved student outcomes.

“As we plan for the fall, we welcome the opportunity to partner with BloomBoard to provide DuPage educators with a comprehensive professional learning option to prepare themselves for blended instruction,” said Darlene Ruscitti, regional superintendent of DuPage County Schools. “Beyond this immediate need, micro-credentials have a proven ability to help enhance education and improve student outcomes because teachers learn by doing with practice and demonstrating their competency. In the future, we strongly encourage districts to incorporate additional micro-endorsements from BloomBoard that align to district needs and strategic planning.”

By implementing an effective micro-credentialing program, district leaders:

  • Offer teachers a selection of micro-endorsement options aligned to district strategic plans
  • Realize measurable results for improving teacher practice through job-embedded learning
  • Observe increased direct classroom application of teacher professional learning due to the competency-based learning experience and evidence required to earn micro-credentials
  • Retain and recruit excellent teachers by offering better options for their career growth

“While our quickly evolving education system comes with its set of challenges, it also comes with great opportunities,” said Jason Lange, Founder and President of BloomBoard. “This fall will stretch every educator in new ways, but we do have time to prepare. We’re pleased to partner with DuPage Regional Office of Education to provide DuPage educators with meaningful preparation for the fall and beyond.”

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