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Learn More About WKEC’s Rank Change Program

Learn about WKEC’s low-cost option for earning Rank I or Rank II, including the program benefits, how it works, timeline for completion, and frequently asked questions. If you are looking for additional information,  you can sign up to speak with a program expert.


Program Benefits

Low-Cost with Deferment

The program is a low-cost alternative to graduate courses. Payment can be deferred until your expected salary increase goes into effect. 

Salary Advancement

Completion of the program enables educators to earn a Rank Change and salary advancement!

Job-Embedded Learning

Micro-credentials are job-embedded and much of the learning is integrated into your existing classroom practice.

Personalized Pathways

Select micro-endorsements you want to complete based on your personal interests and professional goals. 

Program Structure & Supports


This Foundations in Teaching and Learning program is offered by WKEC, in partnership with BloomBoard.  Founded in 2010, BloomBoard is the leading platform for educator advancement via micro-credentials.  Our platform enables educators to earn micro-credentials by demonstrating competence in one specific skill at a time using a portfolio of evidence. Micro-credentials can be grouped together into micro-endorsements to offer educators tailored routes to improve their instructional practice, and qualify for rank change and compensation acceleration.

The program requires educators to complete 12 Foundations micro-credentials, 6 personalized micro-credentials that educators can select based on personal interests and a final Capstone Project. Micro-credentials are job-embedded, meaning the learning is integrated into classroom practice and there are no traditional university-like classes or exams. Micro-credentials are also self-paced learning experiences, which allows flexibility for you to progress as your schedule allows. 

WKEC and BloomBoard will provide regularly scheduled collaborative learning community sessions for each micro-credential, led by a certified facilitator.  


Once you’ve completed enrollment, you’ll be invited to a kickoff orientation with your program facilitator/coach and other educators in your cohort.

Success Academy

Following the orientation, attend WKEC/BloomBoard Success Academy to help support the first micro-credential submission.

1:1 Coaching

BloomBoard coaches are available for personalized 1:1 support during the program.

Asynchronous Discussions

Throughout the program, you can communicate with your coach and other educators in your cohort through the BloomBoard platform.

Sample Program Timeline


The program is flexible and allows you to work at your own pace. It is a micro-credential-based program and as such, much of the work is job-embedded and requires you to have access to students. 

Per the requirements of CEO Option II regulation, the minimum amount of time you can complete the program is 12 months while the maximum time to complete is four years. Below is a sample timeline and micro-credential sequencing. See the program guide for more examples.

  • Year 1: Educator will complete eight of the 12 micro-credentials required in the Foundations micro-endorsement.
  • Year 2: Educator will complete the remaining four micro-credentials required in the Foundations Micro-endorsement and one of the two personalized micro-endorsements selected in the program.
  • Year 3: Educator will complete the second personalized micro-endorsement selected in the program and their Capstone Project.
program timeline

Getting Started Checklist

Attend BloomBoard Counseling Session

Learn more about the program and how it works, plus get all your questions answered.

Review Program Guide

Review the program guide to ensure you understand the details of the program and how it works.

Complete Contract of Understanding

Once you have confirmed this program is a fit and read the program guide, review and sign the Agreement of Understanding.

Complete Participant Information Form

Assess whether the program is right for you by completing the WKEC Participant Information form.

Make Your Payment

The cost of the WKEC Continuing Education Option program is $6,050. The cost can be paid upfront or financed. BloomBoard offers flexible financing options that (upon approval) provide educators with the opportunity to defer payment up to three years, which could be after your salary increase goes into effect. Select your payment method below to complete payment.

Get Ready to Learn!

Within five business days of your payment or financing approval you will receive a welcome email with next steps that will include access to your account, a schedule for your cohort, and preparation activities.

Payment Options

Pay by Credit Card

If you pay for the program with a credit card, you will have an initial four-day period in which you can cancel and get a refund. Within five business days after the cancellation period, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your program and orientation information. This information will include pre-orientation exercises to complete, dates of orientation and BloomBoard Learning Community support sessions, and an introduction to your coach.

  Pay by Financing

We are excited to offer a deferred loan option. Just like with any loan, you will first need to complete an application with our partner, Climb, to get pre-approved. Once approved, Climb will provide you with various financing options and you can select the one that best meets your needs. Click the button below and you’ll be taken over to our partner site, Climb, to begin the pre-approval process.

Financing Timeline

If you applied for financing and are approved, below are the next steps and an estimated timeline:

  • Once you receive your approved offer for financing, you will need to accept and follow the process as provided by the lender. This can take 1-4 days to complete.
  • Once you have accepted the offer, there is a four-day rescission period that allows you to cancel the loan for any reason. In other words, you will have four days to change your mind.
  • Within five business days after the rescission period, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your program and orientation details. This will include pre-orientation exercises to complete, dates of orientation and BloomBoard Learning Community support sessions, and an introduction to your coach.

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