The Louisiana Department of Education

A New Option for the Educational Leadership Certificate (EDL1) Exam Requirement

The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) has approved the Louisiana Leadership Assessment Series (LLAS) as an option for completing the required exam component of the leadership pathways leading to the EDL1 certification. 

The Louisiana Leadership Assessment Series (LLAS)

A BESE approved option for the exam component for any of the Louisiana Leadership pathways leading to the Educational Leadership Certificate (EDL1)

The Louisiana Leadership Assessment Series (LLAS) is an approved exam component for those working on any of the leadership pathways to earn their Educational Leadership Certificate (EDL1). The LLAS was designed in conjunction with BloomBoard, the platform that offers the Mentor and Content Leader assessment series, and the Louisiana Department of Education.

The LLAS has a total of nine assessments, which are outlined below. Note that candidates who have completed the Mentor or Content Leader assessment series will have already passed either three or four of the nine required assessments in the LLAS.

To learn more, view the LLAS User Guide


Ethical Decision Making & Action

Managing a Safe, Positive, and Productive School Environment

Cultivating a Student-Centered Vision of Teaching & Learning


Engaging Families, Stakeholders, and the Community


Equity and Cultural Responsiveness


Mentoring to Improve Content Instruction



Facilitating Adult Group Learning

Establishing a Vision of Excellence for PLCs


Expressing Understanding to Text through Writing

Reading Complex Grade-Level Text

Facilitating Mathematically Productive Discussions


Expressing Understanding to Text through Speaking & Listening


Coherence and Alignment of the LSSM


Demonstrating Math Content Knowledge


Supporting the Teaching of Math Curriculum

Supporting the Teaching of ELA Curriculum

Developing Content-Rich Text Sets


Adapting High-Quality Materials to Meet Student Needs


TBD Content


TBD Content


How National Board Support Courses Work

 The National Board Support Courses are earned by demonstrating competence in a specific skill via a portfolio of evidence created through classroom practice. All courses are based on a robust, standardized blueprint, grounded in four areas of instructional efficacy research including, cycles of inquiry, job-embedded supports, rigorously calibrated assessment, and portfolio-based learning.
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