The Program, Approved Under Continuing Education Option (CEO) Plan II, Provides Teachers With a Micro-Credential-Based Professional Learning Rank Change Option at a Lower Cost than Traditional Advanced Degrees

ASHLAND, Ky., Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Kentucky Educational Development Corporation (KEDC), Kentucky’s oldest and largest educational cooperative, in partnership with leading micro-credential provider BloomBoard, announce the approval of Foundations in Teaching and Learning Education by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB), an innovative new rank advancement option for Kentucky teachers that allows educators to get immediate critical support in implementing effective blended learning instruction.

Kentucky educators holding regular certificates and that have an approved four-year college degree or equivalent are designated as Rank III. Historically, teachers advanced rank by earning master’s degrees, PhDs, or National Board certification. EPSB’s approval of the Foundations in Teaching and Learning Education Program qualifies the program as a rank change vehicle for teachers to achieve Rank II or Rank I, and receive all associated recognition and salary advancement.

“KEDC is excited to offer Kentucky educators the opportunity to grow professionally and be recognized for their accomplishments as educators through this program,” said Nancy Hutchinson, CEO of KEDC. “After conducting a successful, multi-year micro-credential pilot with BloomBoard, we are confident that BloomBoard was the right partner to have while designing a lower cost alternative for teachers pursuing rank advancement than traditional advanced degrees, as well as offer teachers the chance to personalize their learning to include the most relevant topics to their needs.”

The program completion timeline is 3 years, and professional learning experiences embedded in the program include:

  • Earning a series of micro-credentials aligned to the Kentucky Teacher Standards;
  • Engaging in a structured mentorship program;
  • Participating in mentor observations;
  • Engaging in online learning communities facilitated by expert facilitators; and
  • Designing and completing a unifying capstone project.

In addition to engaging in 12 foundational micro-credentials on key competencies within the areas of Classroom Management, Assessment Literacy, and Instructional Strategies, educators will be able to fulfill the remainder of the micro-credential requirement through a selection of micro-endorsements corresponding to the most immediate needs of today’s changing learning environments, including Foundations for Blended Learning, Social-Emotional Learning, Student-Centered Learning, English as a Second Language, Special Education, Early Literacy, Gifted and Talented Education, STEM and National Board Pre-Candidacy.

“Today’s educators are faced with the demand to adapt to changing learning environments at a time when expectations on their abilities have never been higher,” said Sanford Kenyon, CEO of BloomBoard. “We enthusiastically support KEDC in offering Kentucky’s teachers such relevant and timely professional learning options that also present them with recognized advancement opportunities.”

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