The Death of One-Size-Fits-All Professional Development: BloomBoard Sees Momentum in Micro-Credentialing, Launches the Next Generation of Its Personalized Learning Platform

Newly Designed Platform Enables Educators to Create Individualized Learning Pathways While Embracing Learning by Doing via Micro-credentials

PALO ALTO, Calif., September 28, 2017 – BloomBoard, the leading platform for enabling competency-based professional learning for educators via micro-credentials, has released the next generation of its professional learning platform. The newly designed platform provides educators with a more personalized experience, enabling them to create individualized learning pathways and receive recognition for their learning through job-embedded, portfolio-based micro-credentials.

This new approach to professional learning is gaining momentum across the United States as states and districts are looking to implement competency-based approaches to learning as opposed to traditional course-based structures. Currently, BloomBoard works with the departments of education in eight states, and also with numerous districts, educational service agencies, and professional development providers to implement professional learning programs for their educators. The launch of its next generation platform is based on deep engagement and feedback from over 50,000 educators leveraging the platform. The platform was designed to provide a better way for these organizations to give educators choice in their professional learning, as well as a pathway to achieve recognition and advancement via proving competency in individual skills. Initial feedback from educators who participated in the beta launch of BloomBoard’s next generation platform included:

  • “LOVE how easy it is to see all components of the micro-credential in one area, including the evidence to submit and the collections for learning.” – Educator at Dysart Unified School District.
  • “So many useful pieces! I like the discussion boards because it allows me to reach out to colleagues and moderators at ANY time. Also, scoring guides help keep me going in the right direction.” – Educator at School District of South Milwaukee.
  • “The preparation activities are great to see! It’s wonderful to know how much time it should take me and how to prepare effectively.” – Educator with the Tennessee Department of Education micro-credential pilot

“Dumping dull, one-sized-fits-all PD courses for organic, collaborative learning cycles where educators prove what they can do, not just what they know, is already catching fire all over the country,” said Sanford Kenyon, CEO of BloomBoard. “Enhancing the ability of educators to craft their own personalized learning pathways using this approach is the icing on the cake of the next generation of professional learning.”

Rather than receiving credit for seat-time or attendance, micro-credential-based programs offered through BloomBoard provide an outcomes-based approach to professional learning. After creating their individualized learning pathway, educators can access curated content aligned to their specific goals, engage in growth-oriented dialogue with peers and coaches, and create a portfolio of their learning as they demonstrate it in their practice, all on the BloomBoard platform. Once they have collected the evidence they need to demonstrate competence of the new skill, the educator can apply to earn a micro-credential through BloomBoard’s platform as well.

Hundreds of micro-credentials are available on BloomBoard, many of which are eligible for professional development credit (e.g. CEU’s) and university credit. This credit can be applied towards compensation increases and fulfilling the requirements for renewing a teaching license, providing an added incentive for educators to complete their learning pathway.

Over the next several months BloomBoard will be transitioning its customers to the newly designed platform. In addition, several new marquee school districts will be implementing professional learning programs through BloomBoard’s next generation platform during the 2017-2018 school year including Dysart Unified School District, School District of South Milwaukee, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Volusia County School District, and Spring Branch Independent School District.

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