Inching Toward Relicensure, One Micro-credential at a Time

Education Week spoke to Paul Fleming, Tennessee’s assistant commissioner in the division of teachers and leaders, about the Tennessee Department of Education’s implementation of micro-credentials within their continuing education systems.

Author: Stephen Sawchuk

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What were pilot teachers’ reaction? What do they see as being particularly relevant or challenging about this process?

Teachers in the Year One pilot found it to be challenging but relevant to what they had identified in their own area of growth. And they found that rigor to be valuable, even if they did not pass, so to speak, when they submitted their microcredential [for scoring]. In that process, they got very detailed feedback from the peer reviewers.

They also liked the flexibility, that they could work on it from home, rather than go for eight hours in August for a one-day workshop. A few of them noted that, because they were flexible, there was a tendency to put it off if they got busy—they really had to think about how to manage their own work or time because it wasn’t scripted.

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