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Micro-credential Program

Waterbury Public Schools has partnered with BloomBoard to offer educators a continuing education framework that leverages micro-credentials for personalized, professional learning and career advancement. This competency-based program provides educators the opportunity to earn graduate credit, which can lead to a full Master’s degree, lane change, and salary advancement.

The initial interest form for Fall 2022 closed as of 9/16/2022. If you are a teacher who expressed interest in participating in one of the courses, you will receive a follow up email including steps to officially enroll.

Information on Spring 2023 programs will come later this year! If you have any questions before then, please email support@bloomboard.com.

Program Overview

View the recording below to hear more about our partnership with BloomBoard including the future of the program and the new micro-endorsements being offered. Waterbury Public Schools will cover all costs associated with participation in the micro-endorsement program. The current offerings include: 

  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Foundations of Instruction
  • Foundations of Attending to Equity
  • Foundations of Addressing Student Well-Being

What is a Micro-credential?

A micro-credential is earned by demonstrating competence in a specific skill via a portfolio of evidence created through classroom practice. All micro-credentials are based on a robust, standardized blueprint, grounded in four areas of instructional efficacy research including, cycles of inquiry, job-embedded supports, rigorously calibrated assessment, and portfolio-based learning.

Micro-endorsement Offerings

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Foundations of Leadership


Foundations of Instruction

Foundations of Attending to Equity

Foundations of Addressing
Student Well-Being

Student well-being

What Educators Are Saying

The Bloomboard micro-credentialing program helped me streamline resources. As teachers, we gained a plethora of knowledge to facilitate remote learning in a short amount of time. The program encourages us to look at students’ needs and use tools that meet their needs to be able to foster synchronous and asynchronous learning.
Christine Jackson

2nd grade teacher, Lincoln Elementary

Earning micro-credentials has reassured me that I am on target with some of my established practices to create a conducive learning environment for my students and have allowed me to finetune others. I also can set my own pace and apply the learning experiences directly to my practice. It is an authentic learning experience that benefits my students, their families, and myself as an educator. In being a “learn by doing” kind of person, the content allows me to demonstrate competency within my classroom context.
Carita Sampson

2nd Grade Teacher, Thurgood Marshall Elementary