Earn Salary Advancement Through National Board Certification

National Board Certification is a pathway for professional growth and salary advancement in Texas. By successfully completing National Board Certification, teachers automatically receive a Recognized designation and can earn $3,000 – $9,000 in additional state funding for their school, per year, per teacher (90% of which must go toward teacher salary). In addition, certification fees are reimbursed by the state.

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National Board Pre-Candidacy Support Program

BloomBoard offers a Pre-candidacy Support Program that enables educators to focus on improving their instructional practice and preparing for successful National Board Certification while deferring the cost until after their pay increase would typically take effect. Click below to learn more about:

Financial Benefits

Find out how earning National Board Certification can make a positive impact a teacher’s salary over time.

Program Overview

Learn more about the benefits of BloomBoard’s micro-credential based Pre-candidacy Support Program.

Earn District Funding

See exactly how much funding allotment your school/district will earn for each National Board Certified teacher. 

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“I feel like I could do 95% of the National Board certification process on my own now – this was not how I started though; this is a testament to the intentionality behind BloomBoard’s National Board Pre-candidacy Support Program.”

Fernanda Pierre

8th Grade Algebra Teacher, Spring Branch Independent School District

Financial Benefits

In the state of Texas, teachers automatically earn a Recognized designation for earning National Board Certification. For each National Board Certified Teacher, a district will earn an additional $3-9k in state funding, per year,  90% of which must go towards teacher salary at the National Board Certified teacher’s school.

The impact this increase can make on a teacher’s salary over time is significant. Use the calculator below to see how much your salary will increase with National Board Certification!

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Program Overview

BloomBoard has developed a micro-credential-based program that enables educators to prove proficiency in specific practice areas that will prepare them for successful completion of the National Board certification process.

The program consists of six micro-credentials (outlined below) focused on competencies that will be utilized when developing the portfolio in the National Board component areas. Throughout the pre-candidacy program and the candidacy process, participants will have access to a virtual NBCT coach who has been trained in cognitive coaching strategies. Additionally, we have aligned exemplar evidence from the National Board ATLAS video library to each micro-credential to support educators with the most relevant content available.

Cost of the program includes the pre-candidacy program, coaching from a National Board Certified educator, access to the National Board ATLAS video library, and the price of National Board Certification (registration fee plus submissions for each of the four components and any resubmissions, if necessary). This cost can be financed, which removes the upfront financial barrier of earning National Board Certification until the candidate should receive any compensation increase or stipend.

How Micro-credentials Work

A micro-credential is earned by demonstrating competence in a specific skill via a portfolio of evidence created through classroom practice. Micro-credentials on BloomBoard follow the ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) instructional design framework. All micro-credentials are based on a robust, standardized blueprint, grounded in four areas of instructional efficacy research including, cycles of inquiry, job-embedded supports, rigorously calibrated assessment, and portfolio-based learning.

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Micro-credentials Included in the Program

The following micro-credentials are included in the National Board Pre-candidacy program:

Using Knowledge of Students to Inform Instruction
Analyzing Student Work Samples
Using Rubrics to Develop Analytical Writing
Utilizing Video as a Tool for Reflection
Analyzing Assessments in the Learning Cycles
Utilizing Self-Assessment for Professional Growth Planning

Program Features

Competency-based Learning

Engage in a series of micro-credentials focused on the competencies that will be utilized when developing the portfolio in all National Board certification areas.

Virtual 1:1 Coaching

Connect with existing National Board Certified Teachers through virtual, video-based coaching as you work towards completing the pre-candidacy program and earning certification.

Exemplar Video Resources

Get access to exemplar video content from the National Board ATLAS video library. Videos were selected from successful National Board submissions and are indexed to standards and frameworks.

Deferred Financing Options

Bundle the entire cost of the pre-candidacy program, including all four components of National Board certification. The total cost can be paid upfront or explore attractive financing options that align with the timing of your National Board-related financial incentives.

Additional Funding for Your District

National Board Certified teachers will earn a Recognized designation on their Texas educator certificate and generate an annual allotment between $3-$9k for their district. Use the map below to see the exact funding allotment for your district and/or campus.

National Board was the most powerful learning experience that I’ve ever had because it asked me to put my practice up against a set of rigorous set of standards, identify what it was I was already doing in my practice that was great, and all things I could be doing in my practice to be even better.

Misha Freeman, National Board Certified Teacher

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