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Reopening Schools: Key Instructional Practices Teachers Need to Succeed

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 – 4:00 PM Eastern Time

There’s no getting around it – teaching online is now a necessary part of every K-12 teacher’s skills, but very few have ever learned how to translate their abilities in the classroom to blended and online environments. Beyond using technology, how can education leaders equip teachers with the confidence, skills, and competencies to be just as effective educating students online as they are face-to-face?

Join Jason Lange, Founder and President of BloomBoard, for an exclusive deep dive on the research behind the competencies critical for effective blended instruction and the outcomes leaders should look for as their teachers demonstrate these competencies. 

In the webinar, you’ll discover:

  • What the core outcomes are that teachers need to demonstrate to enhance their blended/online instructional skills throughout the school year 
  • A realistic timeline education leaders can put in place that engages teachers at the right time and the key competency indicators to look for to ensure they’re progressing
  • Why the design behind BoomBoard’s Foundations for Blended Learning micro-endorsement positions teachers to respond to both the social-emotional and academic needs of students, while also preparing the way for even stronger student-centered learning in the future

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Past Webinars

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A Leader’s Guide: The Survival Skills Every Teacher Needs this Fall and Beyond

Best-selling author and founder of Ready to Blend, Heather Staker, and competency-based learning expert and Chief Learning Officer at BloomBoard, Kelly Montes De Oca, discuss the six foundational skills every teacher needs to succeed this fall.

The Playbook for Fall: Preparing Teachers for Effective Blended Learning

Join Jason Lange, Founder and President of BloomBoard, to learn about a new, competency-based solution that equips teachers with the skills for effective online instruction, just in time for the fall.