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Teaching Efficiently To Have More Time

I loved teaching my first year. My friends did not. That’s because I ignored everyone to focus on getting things done for my students. Grading, lesson planning, researching ... it quickly took over my life. I struggled with burnout fast. Then I started to look at my job as just that. It’s a vital and important job, but it was still a job. That reframing helped me see efficiency was sorely lacking. These resources help me to become more efficient.
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Teaching Efficiently To Have More Time
  • teachhub.com

    Assessment: 6 Steps to More Efficient, Effective Grading

    6 minute read
    William O'Dea says:
    In my first year, I made the mistake many new teachers make. I went crazy with my assessments. I wanted to be accurate so bad that I made tests and portfolios that took forever to grade. (I’m not sure if they were properly aligned either.) Eventually, I got frustrated and starting looking for help. A colleague showed me this site, which helped. I’m still not sure about peer grading, but the idea that not every assignment needed to be scored was an eye-opener — and a time-saver.
  • teaching.monster.com

    Five Ways to Be an Efficient Teacher

    4 minute read
    William O'Dea says:
    Sometimes, I have the patience and energy to slog through a long, detailed academic study. Other times, I just want simple, short answers. When I was stressing over all the time I gave to teaching, that certainly was an “other time”. That’s why I love this article. Five short ways to work more effectively without prose or verbiage. Delegating to students helped give me just enough time to submit attendance each class.
  • inc.com

    8 Things Really Efficient People Do

    7 minute read
    William O'Dea says:
    One thing I’ve learned over the years is to look to business resources for help. (Hello, Stephen Covey!) When I struggled to do more in less time, I started combing through business sites. That’s when I stumbled across this list. I loved it! The recommendations on structure, planning, and downtime (or “me time”) helped me get through a year with too many teaching duties.
  • William O'Dea says:
    Grading papers was always the longest, most tedious task when I taught Language Arts. Just looking at that pile of papers at 4:00 PM filled me with anxiety. One teacher seemed to fly through her grading. “What are you doing that I’m not?” I asked her one Friday afternoon. She explained and showed me this web page. It wasn’t life-changing, but it certainly helped me grade faster and better. Boilerplate responses alone saved me hours.
  • smallpondscience.com

    Efficient teaching: Doing active learning an easy way

    7 minute read
    William O'Dea says:
    Yes, I admit it. During my first year as a social studies teacher, I lectured way too much. I wanted to do something more participatory, but I spent so much time grading that I didn’t have energy for much else. After reading this article, I discovered that making students active participants in a lesson not only increased engagement, it gave me less work. Better teaching with less time. That’s pretty much the definition of efficient teaching.
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