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Creativity in Teaching Students with ADHD

ADHD has become a growing problem in the education system. As an educator, I have encountered students who have displayed the characteristics of ADHD such as not concentrating, impulsive behavior and many others. Many times, I would assume that it has to relate to external factors or diet. The following items give teachers a comprehensive outlook on ADHD and how they can better assist these students in their learning processes.
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Creativity in Teaching Students with ADHD
  • Suzzanne McLean says:
    This video presentation summarizes what teachers need to do when teaching children with ADHD. One of the suggestions was that teachers should always give positive feedback to these students. This cannot be overly emphasized. These children need extra encouragement so that their self-esteem will be improved. Teachers can follow the suggestions outlined.
  • understood.org

    Cabin Fever: 9 Indoor Activities for Hyperactive Kids

    6 minute read
    Suzzanne McLean says:
    Indoor activities play a significant role for these hyperactive kids. This article highlights the different activities that these students can do such as dance party, twisters, hallway hopscotch and many others. Teachers can use these activities in their classroom setting and encourage parents to zoom into these activities for their children in order to cope with their hyperactivity and impulsivity.
  • empoweringparents.com

    Activities for Kids with ADHD & Games for ADHD

    5 minute read
    Suzzanne McLean says:
    It is important that parents are advised about their child's ADHD condition. They should also be given practical suggestions for helping their children. Some of these suggestions are using games, puzzles, relaxation, mind and body integration and others. With regards to mind and body integration, my parents would put us as children in a chair and not move for a specific time. This helped us. Teachers as well as parents can make use of this article in building concentration techniques.
  • teachervision.com

    Modifying Instruction: Teaching Students with ADD

    6 minute read
    Suzzanne McLean says:
    Teachers have a very important role to play in modifying their instructions for ADHD and ADD students. Teachers can make adjustments in their lesson presentations, the arrangement of the classroom, and work assignments. With regards to their work assignments, teachers can teach them organizational strategies such as making a “to-do” list. This would be helpful since these students, at times, do not do assignments. This article will give teachers some practical ideas to use in the classroom.
  • columbia.edu

    Understanding and Learning about Students' Health

    10 minute read
    Suzzanne McLean says:
    This is a comprehensive teacher curriculum workshop outline that is designed to give in-depth knowledge about ADHD, the causes, signs, its effects on students, and the teacher’s role in diagnosing the disorder. Teachers can seek medical and professional advice on treating the disorder. The outline also makes mention of behavioral and classroom modification for these students. The teachers are given a test to assess their knowledge on ADHD. Teachers will find this outline to be very helpful.
  • bced.gov.bc.ca

    Teaching Students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Resource Guide for Teachers

    8 minute read
    Suzzanne McLean says:
    It is very encouraging to note that teachers are not left in the “cold.” They are given a practical resource guide to help them in assisting parents and children with ADHD. It highlights the different case studies, strategies, and support plans for each grade so that teachers can read and relate to these. It is important to note that these case studies outline the different characteristics of ADHD based on the child’s grade. Teachers will certainly appreciate this resource guide.
  • educationworld.com

    How Can Teachers Help Students With ADHD?

    6 minute read
    Suzzanne McLean says:
    It can be extremely frustrating to have a student that is very disruptive and uncooperative. This article highlights twenty (20) practical tips for coping with ADHD students. The article gives an outstanding example of a mother whose son had ADHD and the teacher was able to patiently help the student to achieve success in his academics despite the challenges. As an educator, I learned that we need to be caring and patient with students with ADHD.
  • Suzzanne McLean says:
    This video presentation was very eye-opening. As educators, we should not think that ADHD is as a result of external factors such as eating sugars or the environment, but instead it is a brain disorder. Teachers have a crucial responsibility to be cognizant of students who are displaying the symptoms of ADHD. Teachers should not be disheartened since these students can be helped. Teachers will certainly appreciate the tips given from this video presentation.
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