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I'm Ok, You're Ok…But We Could Be Great!

The high school years are fraught with so many struggles, it's no wonder some kids are dragging in your classroom. But when you want to challenge them to stop merely going through the motions, and start giving their best, how can you get the ball rolling?
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I'm Ok, You're Ok…But We Could Be Great!
  • edutopia.org

    Challenging Students to Think More Deeply

    5 minute read
    Shauna Konnerth says:
    The author of this article, himself an administrator and educator, explains the difficulty of getting students to take up a challenge, using the interesting analogy of the bull rider. Don't worry, he does tie it all together at the end!
  • americanprogress.org

    Do Schools Challenge Our Students?

    6 minute read
    Shauna Konnerth says:
    Getting to the root of mediocrity takes a great deal of information gathering, including the student surveys that provide an insight into their own perceptions of the rigor--or lack, thereof--in our classrooms. This information-rich article can give teachers a starting place for evaluating whether or not our students are performing as well as they could, and why or why not.
  • edweek.org

    Student Motivation: Age-Old Problem Gets New Attention

    6 minute read
    Shauna Konnerth says:
    As always teachers continue the search for ways of motivating students to learn and to give their best efforts in their education. This article takes a slightly different approach, suggesting 4 aspects of motivation or lack of motivation that teachers can use as a catalyst for their own students.
  • ascd.org

    How Good Is Good Enough?

    7 minute read
    Shauna Konnerth says:
    The Educational Leadership article tackles the definition of mastery and asks the tough question: How good is good enough? A challenging and insightful article, it sets the stage for actually striving for excellence in the classroom.
  • doe.sd.gov

    Practices that Increase Rigor at the Classroom Level

    6 minute read
    Shauna Konnerth says:
    This detailed list of effective practices and self-evaluation questions can get teachers started in the journey to challenging all students to do their very best work.
  • Shauna Konnerth says:
    This graphic and accompanying explanation explains a philosophy for challenging students toward high levels of thinking. Based on the ubiquitous Bloom's Taxonomy, this thoughtful application shows how the true acquisition of knowledge leads to both assimilation and application.
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