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Blowing Off Steam: Dealing with Angry Parents

Whenever there's love involved--especially the love of a parent for a child--anger at anyone who is seen to be at cross-purposes to that child can happen. When a parent bursts into your classroom or leaves you an angry voicemail or email, you know you're in for it. By then it will be too late to get ready, so now that you have a moment of quiet, read up and be prepared in advance.
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Blowing Off Steam: Dealing with Angry Parents
  • kansascity.com

    Teachers experience a growing number of angry, abusive parents

    8 minute read
    Shauna Konnerth says:
    If you've ever been a verbal punching bag for an unruly parent, you might be surprised to read how common this kind of abuse is becoming. Obviously, if you are forced to face down a violent or aggressive parent, strategies will do very little to help bring a positive resolution. But teachers should be aware of the problem and think through what their school's policy is and what their personal reaction should be.
  • science.howstuffworks.com

    How Anger Works

    6 minute read
    Shauna Konnerth says:
    Like most things, there's a science to the emotion of anger. This author boils down the reasons behind why we get angry to two: violation of expectation and blockage of goals. And while different people have different specific anger triggers, knowing that anger is rooted in those basic causes can help you to put yourself in the shoes of someone whose anger at you seems irrational.
  • nea.org

    How Can You Deal With Angry Parents?

    6 minute read
    Shauna Konnerth says:
    The two-word answer--very carefully--is only partially tongue-in-cheek. The rest of this NEA article details some specific strategies to employ when you find yourself on the receiving end of a parent tantrum.
  • mindtools.com

    Dealing With Angry People: Learning how to Defuse Tense Situations

    7 minute read
    Shauna Konnerth says:
    When we think about dealing with an angry parent, we tend to envision a person whose face is contorted, body language aggressive and voice raised. However, anger sometimes comes in a passive-aggressive package. This article addresses this more subtle--and sometimes more difficult--type of anger, although the tips for dealing with it are much the same as for open anger.
  • Shauna Konnerth says:
    While this resource is not aimed at teachers in particular, but rather social workers and counselors, the principles remain the same. In addition to practical advice on how to deal with the heat, the article suggests a number of phrases to avoid with parents.
  • Shauna Konnerth says:
    This helpful resource provides both general information about anger, and 6 recommendations for dealing with others who are angry with you, each with specific subpoints.
  • psychcentral.com

    How to Defuse Anger in Ourselves & Others

    3 minute read
    Shauna Konnerth says:
    It's one thing when a parent becomes angry with us, but quite another when we find ourselves becoming angry with a parent, student or colleague. This article addresses the problem of our own anger and suggests how to channel it in a healthy way.
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