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Student Engagement and Participation

Active student participation and keeping students engaged are goals for ALL students. Ensuring student engagement will yield positive results. The following resources offer strategies that will help teachers engage students.
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A Collection By Nardi Routten
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Student Engagement and Participation
  • ces.rcs.k12.tn.us

    Accountable Talk Toolkit

    30 minute read
    Nardi Routten says:
    Accountable Talk is a strategy to keep students engaged and participating. This web site gives teachers question stems and other tools to move the classroom from Teacher centered to student centered. I use these stems with my fourth grade students. I've seen them written on popsicle sticks and index card. I typed them up on a bookmark and the students have them readily available.
  • scimath.unl.edu

    An In-Depth Study of Student Engagement

    30 minute read
    Nardi Routten says:
    Read this action research study of a 5th grade math class. Student engagement levels were investigated and various strategies were implemented.
  • facultyfocus.com

    10 Ways to Promote Student Engagement

    5 minute read
    Nardi Routten says:
    Faculty Focus give teachers 10 ways they can enhance student engagement and participation. Once student engagement increases, student achievement will also increase.
  • Nardi Routten says:
    This blog offers accountable math talk stems teachers can download, print, and use with students. Students need something to refer to when participating in math talk, talk moves, accountability talk, etc. Talk stems are perfect. They can be printed in a book mark form where it will be readily available.
  • edutopia.org

    How to Keep Kids Engaged in Class

    10 minute read
    Nardi Routten says:
    This Edutopia website gives teachers 10 rules about student engagement. Included are links to a video, a resource guide, and ten simple strategies to use with students.
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