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Quietude, Calmness & Simplicity: How Quaker school traditions can help the rest of us

Pacing a lesson or a school day with appropriate highs and lows is tough. By bringing in moments of silence, queries, and time for reflection, teachers can help provide a rhythm for their students that includes room for quiet and calm within busy or hectic class periods and schooldays.
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A Collection By Molly Latinova
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  • 8 Collection Items
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Quietude, Calmness & Simplicity: How Quaker school traditions can help the rest of us
  • lisdlearningstandards.wikispaces.com

    Questioning the Questions

    Molly Latinova says:
    This resource from Kappa Delta Pi describes the types of questions that teachers use in the classroom and their relative frequency, then focuses on several strategies to improve your questioning practices.
  • Teaching With Simplicity

    Website Blog
    Molly Latinova says:
    Quakerism values living simply; Mandy Neal's blog values teaching simply. The blog's tips and numerous resources for keeping teaching simple can provide relief within the often overwhelming pace of teaching and learning.
  • edutopia.org

    Using Technology to Teach Health and Wellness

    5 minute read
    Molly Latinova says:
    What better way to teach health and wellness to our students than using the one thing our students love...Technology! This article provides several interactive games, apps, and activities to engage your classroom in their own health. Be sure to check out BAM which is a website run by the CDC that goes over everything from physical to mental well-being.
  • calmclassroom.com

    Academic Performance among Middle School Students after Exposure to a Relaxation Response Curriculum

    30 minute read
    Molly Latinova says:
    This 2000 joint study published in the Journal of Research and Development in Education and presented on The Calm Classroom website is for those who want a deeper dive into the mechanisms by which a relaxation response curriculum can affect academic performance measures like grade point average, work habits scores and cooperation scores in middle schoolers.
  • michaelherman.com

    Michael Herman: Strategic Questions

    10 minute read
    Molly Latinova says:
    Michael Herman's website "How Inviting is Your Organization" provides excerpts of the questions from Fran Peavey's influention 2003 book. The book has been used in education, business, law, governance and certainly by Quaker leaders. The excerpts in this resource provide examples of queries that could fit varied curriculum topics and guide a year-long practice of using queries with students to bring reflection into many curricula.
  • Molly Latinova says:
    This list of practice tips from meditationinschools.org is one of the many resources on the site that give simple first steps for any teacher wanting to explore bringing bite-size meditation into the cadence of a school day or lesson.
  • theatlantic.com

    What Happens When Mindfulness Enters Schools

    15 minute read
    Molly Latinova says:
    Meditation to improve listening and behavior. This Atlantic Monthly article from August 2015 highlights recent studies and makes the case for how mindfulness can help students AND teachers have more balanced days at school.
  • sffriendsschool.org

    Quaker Values

    10 minute read
    Molly Latinova says:
    Questioning can engage students and improve learning, and many educators focus on the quality and quantity of their questions; but in Quaker education, one type of question -- the query -- holds a special place in school and classroom culture. Queries do not have a yes or no answer, or even a correct answer. They are designed to stimulate thought and are a vehicle for self-examination. This page of the San Francisco Friends School website provides sample queries below each value.
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