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Using Exit Tickets Effectively

Exit slips are a new trend in education and they are praised for being a great formative assessment before the students leave the room at the end of a class. Personally, I love exit slips. Not only does it help me to see where my students are, but it drives my instruction for the following day. It tells me if they're ready to move on or if they need more instruction and practice with that topic. The resources below can help you decide how you might use them in your classroom.
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Using Exit Tickets Effectively
  • edutopia.org

    A Favorite Formative Assessment: The Exit Slip

    5 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    This article offers an interesting perspective of using exit slips at various times, not just as students are exiting the classroom. In general, exit slips are a quick snapshot of where your students are, so there is nothing that rules when they need to take place. The article suggests using them to survey students or activate prior knowledge.
  • datadeb.files.wordpress.com

    Exit Slips: What is it?

    10 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    This pdf provides numerous examples of exit slip questions. These suggestions are different types of questions than what you might have thought of before. I love the question that asks students to identify the relationship between two things.
  • Meghann Urewicz says:
    So you are onboard with the idea of giving exit slips but you aren't sure if you're ready for the influx of paperwork you need to grade each day? There's a way around that. Watch this video to see how you can use Google Forms to create exit slips that students submit electronically. You can even use Floobaroo (google add-on) or conditional formatting to aid in grading.
  • ascd.org

    Art and Science of Teaching / The Many Uses of Exit Slips

    10 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    Exit slips can serve many different purposes, from assessment to reflection. Depending on your content and grade level, you might have to find the type that works best for you. As a math teacher, my exit slips involve a couple of short problems from the concept we learned that day. But if you're an English teacher, your exit slips might involve a reflection on the discussion that took place in class.
  • Exit Slips

    Meghann Urewicz says:
    This website answers all of the basic questions about exit slips. It describes how and why they are used, and also gives examples of great exit slip questions. If you're interested, there are also a few resources toward the bottom of the article that provide research backing the use of exit slips.
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