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How to Handle the Helicopter Parent

As educators, we've all had experiences with helicopter parents. They are obsessive and overbearing. They contact you with every questions and comments several times a week. They drive you crazy! But at the end of the day, you still have to deal with them. So the question remains, how do you deal with the helicopter parents without losing your cool? Check out some resources below to help!
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How to Handle the Helicopter Parent
  • Meghann Urewicz says:
    Do you ever suspect you might be dealing with a helicopter parent, but you just aren't sure? You start to question yourself as a teacher. Is the problem you? Now there's a quiz! This quiz has questions posed for the parents to answer, but we know our students and their families well and I have confidence that we could probably answer all these questions for them. Take this fun quiz can help put your mind at ease. Plus when you finish the quiz, there are some great resources to check out.
  • schoolcounselor.org

    Three Steps for Dealing With Helicopter Parents

    20 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    This article provides you with concrete steps to help you deal with the dreaded helicopter parent. Step one is to decrease parent anxiety, step two is to communicate to empower students, and the final step is to reinforce healthy parent boundaries. Go ahead and read the full article to find out what that can look like for you.
  • mommyish.com

    Reddit Asks For The Worst Examples Of Helicopter Parenting, Results Are Amazing

    10 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    Sometimes when dealing with a particularly difficult parent, it gets hard to stay positive and see the situation for what it really is. But this article is sure to make you laugh and help to put things into perspective. Knowing that helicopter parents are asserting their reign all over the world will help you to know that you are not alone in what you are dealing with.
  • education.cu-portland.edu

    Tips for Teachers Dealing with Helicopter Parents

    5 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    This article from Concordia University defines what qualifies as a helicopter parent, and has really great advice on how to deal with them. It emphasizes focusing on the child's independence when communicating with parents and it also recommends keeping your administration in the loop so that you always have some backup behind you.
  • teaching.monster.com

    How Teachers Can Work With 5 Difficult Types of Parents

    10 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    Not all difficult parents look exactly alike. Challenging parents come in lots of different forms, and this article can help you deal with all of them. Not only does it give great advice to deal with the overly-involved, helicopter parent, it also addresses the absent parent, the defensive parent, the demanding parent, and the uncooperative parent. The article presents different parent scenarios along with appropriate solutions for how to deal with them.