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Communicating with Guardians

To have a successful school year, it is absolutely crucial that you develop strong relationships with parents. We all know that parents can sometimes be the hardest part of our jobs, but with some preemptive action and some great tips, you can become a communication guru.
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A Collection By Meghann Urewicz
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  • 5 Collection Items
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Communicating with Guardians
  • edutopia.org

    Parent Communication Toolbox

    10 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    This article has the potential to expand your communication toolbox! It gives suggestions for one-way communication- where you are able to send out simple notifications or messages but aren't looking for parent responses, and it also provides routes for two-way communication as well. One thing I loved about this article was that it encourages a beginning of the year parent survey. Although internet access is commonplace these days, we cannot assume that all families have access.
  • readingrockets.org

    Building Parent-Teacher Relationships

    10 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    Throughout your school year, it is important that you not only build healthy and supportive relationships with your students but also with their guardians. This article describes how these positive relationships benefit all parties involved, including parents, students, and teachers. It also provides some great communication strategies that could be really helpful. I particularly like the section that outlines phone guidelines.
  • Meghann Urewicz says:
    This video outlines the basic importance of proper guardian communication and provides some examples of what this communication might look like, such as beginning of the year newsletters and weekly behavior logs for students who are struggling.
  • scholastic.com

    Five Keys to Successful Parent-Teacher Communication

    5 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    As this article emphasizes, effective parent communication needs to begin on day one. Communication must be ongoing throughout the year, and you must share more than just the negative feedback. This article gives some great tips on how to ensure that parent-teacher communication is a successful part of your year.
  • thejournal.com

    7 Free Apps for Keeping Parents and Teachers Connected

    10 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    In this day and age, teacher-guardian communication might not look the same as it used to. There are so many resources out there that can streamline communication and ensure that parents are always in the loop. Check out this article for free apps that can help you connect with parents. I can personally advocate for the effectiveness of Google Apps for Education. They are key to my communication with both students and guardians.
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