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Co-planning can be a struggle. Between difficulty finding common planning times to personality differences, it can be a really frustrating experience. However, with a little effort it can also turn into an extremely rewarding experience as well. Take a look at these resources to learn more about how to make it work.
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A Collection By Meghann Urewicz
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  • 7 Collection Items
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  • ppsacademicsupport.weebly.com

    10 Tips for Using Co-Planning Time More Efficiently

    Meghann Urewicz says:
    Here are 10 tips for using planning time more effectively. I know for me, when planning time comes, I'm sometimes so tired that I get nothing done. But these tips are great to better use your time when collaborating with co-teachers.
  • mbaea.org

    Tips and Strategies for Co-Teaching at the Secondary Level

    30 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    This article from Teaching Exceptional Children gives a thorough overview of the benefits and challenges of co-teaching to facilitate the inclusion of special needs students. The article contains excellent guides and suggestions for planning and managing the co-teaching experience that can be used by all teachers.
  • Meghann Urewicz says:
    This quick video is great place to start when trying to think about making co-planning work. It gives easy step by step ideas and allows you to start thinking more in depth.
  • Collaborative Teaching

    Meghann Urewicz says:
    I love this website. I started out using it for its Co-teaching videos and then noticed all the other great resources they have. Check out the co-teaching models and the co-teaching blog. I could get distracted looking at this page for far too long.
  • cehd.umn.edu

    Co-Teaching Planning

    5 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    This website has some great tips for assigning roles and trying various responsibility balances. The advice can be used for student teachers and cooperating teachers working together in classroom, but it can also apply to permanent working relations. Also check out the link at the bottom of the page to find Strategies for Expanding Time for Planning.
  • nea.org

    6 Steps to Successful Co-Teaching

    5 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    These six steps to successful co-teaching are great. I love that they focus on developing relationships and building trust between teachers. You can plan the best lessons in the world but if you and co-teacher don't have a solid working relationship, the lesson could still be unsuccessful.
  • education.wm.edu

    Co-Planning for Student Success

    15 minute read
    Meghann Urewicz says:
    This document goes really in depth about how co-planning and co-teaching should look. Not necessarily in practice but in terms of results. It walks you through the process of pre-planning, assigning roles, and reflecting to ensure that your students are getting the best outcomes possible.
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