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Fun and Useful Assessments

Formative and summative assessments come in many forms, but they’re undeniably useful. Here are some ideas for fun, useful, and often nontraditional ways of checking understanding that won't go stale after just a few uses.
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  • 6 Collection Items
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Fun and Useful Assessments
  • edutopia.org

    10 Fun-Filled Formative Assessment Ideas

    6 minute read
    Margaret Frederick says:
    Although some of these ideas, such as the exit slip, are fairly standard practice, there are also some cool miniature projects and assignments that can tie into either other lessons (for example, the advertising could tie to media literacy) or unique formats. They also usually tie into higher-order thinking skills, which will give you a much better understanding of student understanding.
  • Margaret Frederick says:
    This list of assessment methods is fairly comprehensive, and there are some traditional assessments as well as some unique methods (such as an envelope full of questions and having students evaluate a test). It's a good way to get students involved individually and add new dimensions to simple classroom questioning and assessment.
  • flaguide.org


    8 minute read
    Margaret Frederick says:
    ConcepTests is a fancy name for something we've all done with classroom questioning: ask, gauge understanding, explain. The big difference is that, if the students don't find the correct answer, they have some time to discuss and convince neighbors to vote for their answer. This activates the students' knowledge and makes them explain their reasoning. As a bonus, if the answer is still not correct after the discussions, the teacher can see their logic so they can fix the misconceptions.
  • Margaret Frederick says:
    Kahoot is a template for interactive quizzes in the classroom. You can either use classroom computers or, with supervision, let students pull out their phones to answer quiz questions that you made and then see how many students answered with which answer choice in graph form on the big screen. Students also get more points for quick answers, so they can get competitive. Everyone seems to have a lot of fun when I pull Kahoot out.
  • teachhub.com

    40 Alternative Assessment Ideas for Learning

    7 minute read
    Margaret Frederick says:
    This list has a mixture of short and long projects students can use to demonstrate understanding, plus it breaks some of the ideas down by discipline. The ideas are offbeat, but I can't deny that they are useful. It's also a great starting point to find something new for your classroom assessment.
  • nwea.org

    22 Easy Formative Assessment Techniques for Measuring Student Learning

    5 minute read
    Margaret Frederick says:
    Although some of the ideas on this list are repeated from other resources in this collection, there are also some unusual and clever methods in here that I'd never heard of, but seem to be well-tested and used. Feel free to pick whichever methods work for your discipline and classroom.