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Building Self-Confidence in Kindergarteners Through Painting

Many often don't associate art projects as a way of building self-esteem in children, but it doesn't take a formal study to see the twinkle in a child's eyes when they're showing you something that they've made. Painting, specifically, is a medium that builds confidence and encourages individuality. A drawing or craft can be interpreted as "wrong" while paintings are often abstract with loose interpretation.
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Building Self-Confidence in Kindergarteners Through Painting
  • Kendra Hadnott says:
    What's most useful about this guide is that it is broken down into different painting categories (how to paint using watercolors, painting on rough textures, etc.). Using different types of paint and textures helps the child learn different skills.
  • Kendra Hadnott says:
    A powerful children's picture book about a girl who learns that art can be seen through different lenses. Especially useful if you have a class that is hung up on being perfect. This resource teaches children that art isn't meant to be perfect and will therefore encourage individuality.
  • Kendra Hadnott says:
    A picture book that illustrates it's okay to make mistakes and that often times, "mistakes" can be considered great works of art! The book is interactive with folds, tears, and creases so that children actually see the "beautiful oops."
  • parents.com

    Why Art and Creativity Are Important

    6 minute read
    Kendra Hadnott says:
    A guide for adults as they embark on the journey of teaching little ones how to create art. Some adults have a tendency to police art activities so that children get the impression that there's a right or wrong way to complete an art project. This article gives useful tips on how not to be that helicopter educator.
  • Kendra Hadnott says:
    This site has wonderful ideas on how to creatively use paint in the kindergarten classroom. Projects are simple and effective in building self-esteem.
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BloomBoard Asks:Do you think that one medium of art builds more self-confidence than other mediums?
Sarah RimbochLower Elementary Upper Elementary The ArtsAugust 14, 2017
I think that allowing students to work with a variety of mediums helps to build self confidence.