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Cultivating Parent-Teacher Relationships

Productive parent-school communication benefits all stakeholders. The methods schools use to interact with parents influences the quality and level of parents' involvement in their children's learning. Parents need to be invested and active in their children's learning, and it is the job of the school to create avenues for regular and friendly communication. Use this collection to find ways to develop stronger and longterm communication with parents and families.
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Cultivating Parent-Teacher Relationships
  • Kelly Flynn says:
    This article is written from the parent perspective and reveals ways parents can become more involved in their child's schooling. As the article says, it doesn't always have to be the teacher who first makes contact. Parents can take the initiative to get to know their child's teacher. With today's technology, there are lots of avenues for making that happen if you aren't able to communicate in person.
  • Kelly Flynn says:
    Most states across the country employ Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as a guide for planning and implementing instruction. This Academic Growth Chart presents grade level (preK-12) benchmarks and tips for parents in any easy-to-follow format using easy-to-understand language. Along with this, there are suggestions for ways to help with children's physical, social, and emotional devel0pment at each grade level.
  • edutopia.org

    5-Minute Film Festival: Parent-Teacher Partnerships

    Kelly Flynn says:
    Click here to view a collection of videos with wonderful stories showing schools and families working together as partners to heighten the school experience for everyone. Watching these videos, you can gain practical tips for best ways parents and teachers can collaborate within the educational setting. I found video #7 to be especially touching as 5th and 6th grade students explain how parents can help in and with school.
  • Kelly Flynn says:
    As teachers work to establish positive partnerships with parents to support student learning, we know communication is vital to this relationship. Use this SlideShare to learn ways teachers can continually enhance and expand their skills in order to amplify productive communication with parents.
  • Kelly Flynn says:
    This parent questionnaire has a full bank of questions to consider for a parent survey at your school. You might want to use the questionnaire 'as is', or you might want to simply review it as you develop your own parent survey. Either way, this is a great resource to keep and refer to when needing to collect data from families.
  • edudemic.com

    A Guide to Student-Led Conferences

    7 minute read
    Kelly Flynn says:
    Student-led conferences can be a successful and less stressful avenue for opening communication between school and home. This document is filled with information on student-led conferences. What are they? How do you implement them in your classroom? How are they effective? If handled appropriately, student-led conferences can be a great learning opportunity for students, families, and teachers.
  • readingrockets.org

    Building Parent Teacher Relationships

    5 minute read
    Kelly Flynn says:
    An article that lists the ways efficient communication with families benefits parents, teachers, and most importantly...the students.It also offers great ideas for finding ways to keep communication open with families. It starts with some traditional ways of initiating contact, but also makes suggestions you might not have thought about before.
  • teachervision.com

    Parent-Teacher Conferences: Before, During, and After

    10 minute read
    Kelly Flynn says:
    A parent-teacher conference is an opportunity to discuss a student's academic, social, and emotional development. Many schools schedule these in the fall and spring, but teachers often fear this time of year. To make these interactions a more comfortable and worthwhile experience, this document gives you guidelines for what to do before, during, and after each parent conference.
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