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Are You Ready to Amp Up 21st Century Learning in Your Classroom?

21st-century skills encompass a mindset, as well as an inventory of abilities, students need to develop and maintain to prevail in the information age. These learning, literacy, and life skills have always been important but are particularly valuable in today's global economy. This collection offers an assortment of links, resources, and videos helpful for any educator seeking to amplify their 21st-century methods for instruction.
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  • 5 Collection Items
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Are You Ready to Amp Up 21st Century Learning in Your Classroom?
  • Kelly Flynn says:
    This link provides a comprehensive collection of TED Talk videos focused on 21st-century learning from a variety of influential educational leaders. My favorite clip is video #5 which provides an introduction to Studio Schools.
  • teachhub.com

    Teaching Strategies: What a 21st Century Educator Looks Like

    5 minute read
    Kelly Flynn says:
    What does a 21st-century educator look like? If you want to know if you fit the bill or are interested in heightening your teaching strategies, this article is a great read for you. It's not just about technology!
  • edutopia.org

    10 Hallmarks of 21st Century Teaching and Learning

    6 minute read
    Kelly Flynn says:
    Aside from ever-changing technology influencing modern day education, ideal practices for 21st-century teaching and learning are similar to effective methods from 10 years ago. Quality educational practices for any decade share in certain classic characteristics. This link provides 10 features that exemplify a 21st-century learning design.
  • p21.org

    What is 21st Century Learning and Citizenship All About?

    7 minute read
    Kelly Flynn says:
    It is our job as educators to prepare parents for their children's journey into 21st-century learning and citizenship. This toolkit created by P21 and the National PTA offers families great resources to rely on as they support their families safe and effective digital learning arena.
  • Kelly Flynn says:
    Students need to be equipped with proper tools, but more importantly an open mindset set needed to adapt to a 21st-century learning platform. 'Above & Beyond” designed by P21 and FableVision is a short, animated video created for teachers and students in an attempt to encourage the 4Cs of modern learning – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. This a 'must see' clip that's sure to impact your role as an educator as well as a learner.