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The Power of Magical Realism in School

Magical Realism is a literary genre where magical elements blend seamlessly with realistic events to create an atmosphere that while seemingly real, also allows us to question the notion of "reality." The real world is often to limiting and predictable, this important genre can help students who are not children and still not fully adults to feel the wonder of limitless boundaries.
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The Power of Magical Realism in School
  • ehow.com

    How to Write Magical Realism

    5 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    If you choose to offer the opportunity to write a larger piece of MR fiction, it's important to give them some solid ideas around setting, theme, reflection, and time.
  • tasteofcinema.com

    20 Great Magical Realism Movies That Are Worth Your Time

    7 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    Because of the visuals, moods, and unusual settings that can occur in MR books, showing a well chosen movie to students can also be a pleasant reward for hard work and a useful way to help them feel the magnitude of the genre. This list is excellent and appeals to the high school crows.
  • lbgale.com

    Fantasy Writing Prompts

    8 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    Creative writing is an obvious area to focus on during this study, as the unusual depiction of reality begs to be recreated in one's own mind…no boundaries! Even working on short bursts of writing that allow a student to dapple in this style can be liberating. Here you will find some great prompts.
  • Jen Jeffers says:
    Even older students still often have very colorful and vivid imaginations, and there MR can be very appealing. This creative 10th grade curriculum offers all sorts of original ideas, guided practices, assessments, and presentations for the teacher who is looking for a bit more advice on structure.
  • Jen Jeffers says:
    This is a terrific and thorough list of MR books well suited for many ages. Be sure to read summaries and check age appropriate indicators before assigning anything, as there are some adult novels sprinkled in.
  • Jen Jeffers says:
    There is a short, imaginative video here for students to help them understand the world of magical realism and promote enthusiasm for the subject. Helpful lists of authors and resources can also be found.
  • tendreams.org

    What is Magic Realism

    Jen Jeffers says:
    A short history of magical realism is very helpful in visualizing how to approach this fascinating genre. Here you will find a perfectly succinct overview of its evolution through recent years.
  • writing-world.com

    What Is Magical Realism, Really?

    10 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    So, what is magical realism? It is not a fluffy category of fantasy literature which are often escapist and wildly imagined. It is serious fiction that is not about escape but engagement…it helps us name and experience our world more fully and name what we see.