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The Plight of the Vanishing Library

With technology on the rise, an increasing number of school libraries have either lost funding or simply dwindled away through lack of use. Have eReaders and online research capabilities made these traditional learning areas obsolete? Perhaps it's important to stop and consider the inherent value of school libraries before either fighting to preserve them or simply letting them fade away.
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The Plight of the Vanishing Library
  • teachhub.com

    Libraries Vanishing from Schools

    5 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    So, what do we really lose by letting school libraries slip away? The lack of human support around literacy and the inadequacy of digital teaching are just a few of the issues discussed here. There is a strong argument to be made in favor of keeping these resources, despite an evolving relationship with books.
  • charlotteobserver.com

    Are school librarians going way of the milkman?

    6 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    Some people simply don't believe something is real until they can see it with their own eyes. This article allows skeptics to do precisely that by illustrating how budgets have deteriorated over the years and following the trend of the withering library system through the experience of specific communities. Seeing the dropping percentages in black and white does a lot to bolster the argument that school libraries have a serious problem that cannot be denied.
  • Jen Jeffers says:
    We all know budgetary cuts are the real enemy of libraries and school resources in general. But how does this really work? Take a moment to understand exactly what the government hopes to achieve through these actions and how teachers can minimize the damage and fight for the resources they (and their students) so desperately need.
  • eduscapes.com

    Why Do We Need School Libraries?

    10 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    While we may love the notion of a school library, not all of them are equal. What are the characteristics of an exceptional and effective library? You will find here some clear, straightforward examples of how to make sure your library is of the highest quality and something worth defending in the face of increasing budgetary issues.
  • centerdigitaled.com

    What Happens to Literacy Rates as Librarians Disappear?

    7 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    Ok, school libraries are in decline. So what? The kids have "media centers" now and lots of glowing computer screens… What more could they need? Apparently quite a bit. The cost of discarding libraries can affect many aspects of a student's education and overall literacy. Is there a way for school libraries to live a happy co-existence with the mass of modern digital resources?
  • schinker.wordpress.com

    5 Reasons We Still Need School Libraries

    7 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    Rather than discarding the library model altogether in place of more screens and modems, we are best served by reconceptualizing this space and how it can serve us effectively. Literacy is at the heart of all teaching and even though Google has replaced the card catalog, are the goals of modern education really so much different?
  • slav.vic.edu.au

    The Next Generation of School Library

    6 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    Let's look at the school library concept: past, present, and future. This intelligent piece offers some solid ideas on how to best fuse the ideals of the traditional library with the digital expectations of today. What is a library by definition? Creating a vision on how to save libraries and develop effective hybrids instead, including how to convince policy makers, is key to finding a solution to this ongoing debate.
  • theconversation.com

    The calamity of the disappearing school libraries

    6 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    Judging by the amount of students who currently own their own laptop, it's not hard to tell that school libraries are in jeopardy. In addition to that, they are often the first item to be cut in a constantly shrinking budget. What are the ramifications of giving up on this age-old resource in school? let's examine how this looks first hand.
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