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Longer School Days or Better School Days?

We all know that school is an important part of the day, and it seems we are always trying to jam in as much as we can during that time, often lengthening school days to accommodate all the growing needs. But the question that lingers is whether we are actually accomplishing more by adding more hours or are we....well, just adding more hours? Maybe it's time to shift our thinking from quantity to quality--maybe not. What is the right answer?
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Longer School Days or Better School Days?
  • Jen Jeffers says:
    For those of you who enjoy a good academic discussion, this paper is for you. It analyzes the impact of longer school days on student achievement in Columbia and uses data from this model to support the supposition that longer school days can be effective, particularly for low-income students.
  • Jen Jeffers says:
    Across the country, an educational revolution is taking root. Kids are learning more. Teachers are free to teach beyond the test. And parents aren’t worried about what their kids are up to after school. What accounts for this change? The simple answer is, “More time to learn.” Using an additional one to two hours, the new school day reworks the schedule so that children can master core academic subjects and receive more support.
  • onlineuniversities.com

    10 Telling Studies Done on Longer School Days

    7 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    So, what do the studies say? Here is a collection of ten different studies that seem to have contradicting findings. Each link is worth a read, as they work in conjunction to help form a cogent opinion on the subject. No one seems to have a definitive answer, however, and so the debate rages on.
  • telegraph.co.uk

    Will a longer school day really make our children smarter?

    Jen Jeffers says:
    The goal of education is to help children learn and give them the needed skills to move forward intellectually and emotionally. The benefit of adding an extra hour to a school day is entirely dependent on how that hour is filled. A student's age also seems to be an important variable in this debate.
  • nea.org

    Longer School Days Affect Everyone

    5 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    How much is too much? Does a shift from a 6.5 hour school day to 8 solid hours make sense for all involved? There are parents to consider and the extra expense of paying teachers and straining what is already a very lean budget.
  • education.seattlepi.com

    The Disadvantages of Longer School Days

    4 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    Through this short but sweet description, some very real concerns about lengthening a school day are brought to light. While adding hours may sound like a positive step, for students and teachers it can have some serious consequences around fatigue and stress, not to mention it can be costly and devoid of real progress.
  • scholastic.com

    Extending the School Day

    6 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    The idea of extended learning time (ELT) has taken on new urgency as we continue to compete in a global economy of innovation and development. Many countries in Asia already have considerably longer schools days and you will find some interesting ideas here about how American schools can create extra time and more importantly, successful student outcomes.
  • readingrockets.org

    Time to Learn: Benefits of a Longer School Day

    10 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    This excerpt from the book "Time to Learn: How a New School Schedule is Making Smarter Kids, Happier Parents & Safer Neighborhoods" presents a lively discussion on how a longer school day can, in fact, support achievement in many ways and expose students to a broader range of subjects. The book is available for purchase if you want to learn more.
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BloomBoard Asks:What is the discussion around longer school days? Can quality of learning be created without quantity of time?