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Making Memorial Day Art With Kindergarteners

This collection features artsy activities for Memorial Day. School might be almost over, but there’s still time to get creative! If you’re looking to get your kindergarten students into a craft, while learning about our country, you’ll find art galore here.
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Making Memorial Day Art With Kindergarteners
  • Erica Loop says:
    I’m a big fan of knowing everything about what I’m teaching (who isn’t?). This info-based piece presents the facts and history of the holiday, offering some necessary background.
  • Erica Loop says:
    It’s such a basic, easy-to-follow video – and that’s why I loved it! I wouldn’t play this for young students, but instead, use it for myself (or recommend it for other teachers) to learn simple techniques for teaching drawing. I can see how to adapt it for the younger audience (really simplify it) or even use it for yourself!
  • Erica Loop says:
    This video is so simple, and so is the craft! If intricate art activities aren’t on the menu (and they often aren’t), this video is ideal. I found it so easy to follow, making it perfect for a quick project.
  • Erica Loop says:
    From letter-based lessons (F for Flag) to crayon resists and pretend play with dough, this list caught my eye with its creativity. Ideal for early learners, the activities in this post help young students to learn while encouraging creativity! Who doesn’t love that – I know I do.
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    6 Quick Projects for a Meaningful Memorial Day

    5 minute read
    Erica Loop says:
    As an art teacher, crafty creations sometimes come easily to me. But, I know that most teachers don’t feel the same way. I love how easy the art activities in this collection are. Anyone can do these with their students (even those of you who get anxious when the word ‘art’ comes up). I also enjoyed the take-home ideas – perfect for carrying the learning on!
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BloomBoard Asks:What's your favorite art activity that focuses on patriotism?
Janine DillerMiddle School High School Early Childhood EducationMay 11, 2016
We made stained glass stars. I cut wax paper into squares and gave the children small squares of red, white and blue tissue paper to glue to the wax paper, completely covering the surface. We then glued a second piece of wax paper to that. after it is completely dry, We traced a star onto the square and cut it out to hang in our classroom windows.