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Elementary Graduation? How, Why and What!

This collection focuses on a growing trend – younger children graduating! No, not super-geniuses graduating early. But, instead on hows, whats, and ways to celebrate a kindergarten or elementary school graduation.
A Collection By Erica Loop
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Elementary Graduation? How, Why and What!
  • Erica Loop says:
    Okay, aside from the obvious cute factor here, I can see how this video acts as an actual resource for teachers. From the gowns to the song itself, it provides ideas for celebrating your kindergarteners’ big day.
  • Erica Loop says:
    This video is perfect for parents who need ideas on how to have a graduation party. Not only did I find the information useful (as a parent), but I think plenty of the party ideas can transfer into the school environment. This makes it just as helpful for the teacher who is in the party planning process.
  • educationworld.com

    Make Graduation Day Special

    7 minute read
    Erica Loop says:
    When I initially read the title, I thought I’d just find ideas (which were there), but I was pleasantly surprised to find some more foundational concepts. I love that this piece includes putting students and families first and recognizing the achievement.
  • washingtonpost.com

    Pomp as students finish elementary school. But is it a real graduation?

    8 minute read
    Erica Loop says:
    We can’t always assume that just because everyone’s doing it, it must be an awesome idea. Right? This article outlines the underpinnings of non-high school graduations and the problems that can follow. I like the point of view from the patents and the educators alike. It puts the idea of elementary school graduation into perspective, or at least gets people thinking about it.
  • ptotoday.com

    23 Ideas for Elementary School Graduation

    4 minute read
    Erica Loop says:
    It’s a simple article, but potentially very helpful. I like having more than a handful of ideas before I pick one or two. This post gives plenty of graduation options, making it an easy and completely informational read for parents and teachers alike.
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BloomBoard Asks:Why do you think kindergarten or elementary graduation is important?
Craig BurkeLower Elementary Physical EducationNovember 16, 2016
In my mind it gives the students a feeling of celebration and accomplishment at the end of something they have been working on. It can be used as an extrinsic motivator to show the excitement and joy it brings others to see them succeed at school.