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Teaching Letters in School - Techniques and Order

There is a constant conflict on how to teach the order of letters in a preschool setting. In the past many teachers believed that they should be taught in order, while others believe that there is a systematic approach to building off of other letters in a student's mind. There are a wide variety of techniques that can help students learn letters more effectively, and in an engaging manner. Below, we will discuss various teaching techniques for introducing letters to toddlers.
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Teaching Letters in School - Techniques and Order
  • Dina Capobianco says:
    This source focuses on presenting letters to children one letter at a time. Also found here are several strategies for reinforcing student retention by incorporating various projects, songs, and lessons such as reading stories with the letter that they are learning, sandpaper letters, alphabet boxes, and alphabet books.
  • Dina Capobianco says:
    Instead of teaching the letters in order, opt to begin with letters that the child is familiar with such as those that are present in his or her name. While this can be difficult in a classroom full of students, a more popular letter that is found in several names such as 's' or even one they see often like M because of the M in McDonalds! Other activities to help children remember the letters are creating name bracelets, practicing their names, and doing a letter search.
  • Dina Capobianco says:
    In looking at different teaching methods, do we teach sounds or letters first? According to this, both are essential to completely grasp the language. Uppercase or lowercase letters? Again, this site seems to believe that both are essential at the same time and I happen to agree! Children's minds absorb a great amount of information; much more than we think. So by introducing these letters together, and the sounds associated with them, we can effectively teach our students. They can handle it!
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    How to Teach the Alphabet to Preschoolers

    Dina Capobianco says:
    Not only are there plenty of strategies for introducing the letters to your preschooler (like using the letter of the week approach, reading, and focusing on spelling out the child's name with him/her, it also provides a myriad of activities for each letter that is great in any preschool or kindergarten classroom! I especially like the incorporation of the importance of relating back to other letters that were learned as a review for the children.
  • Dina Capobianco says:
    A different approach to teaching the letters, this introduces a technique of presenting groups of letters to make sounds in order to make connections in children's brains, helping students to form words from these sound groups. Picture cards help with this approach.
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Emelyn FranciscoMay 19, 2017
Hello my name is Emelyn and I work at a head start school and my job is to prepare students to move into the next level and one problem I have is knowing how long should I stay on a lesson plan. For example the alphabet to me I would had made it go for a whole entire month with different activity involving the alphabet.