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New Teacher Strategies; How to Help Make the Transition Go More Smoothly

It is tough being a new teacher. You have a plethora of strategies and concepts in your mind, but little experience in carrying out those strategies. Whether it is your first day of school, or you have been there a few years, we've got you covered. Below is all you need to make your transition go a bit more smoothly so that you can effectively teach like a pro.
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New Teacher Strategies; How to Help Make the Transition Go More Smoothly
  • teachingchannel.org

    8 Essential Skills for New Teachers

    5 minute read
    Dina Capobianco says:
    New teachers often have a number of brand new, informative, and exciting approaches. This video provides insight into the experience of new teachers, and helps to provide other new teachers with the confidence to find it within themselves to teach. By learning these eight essential skills, they can feel confident in themselves to execute their plans.
  • edutopia.org

    5 Highly Effective Teaching Practices

    4 minute read
    Dina Capobianco says:
    New teachers (and all teachers as a matter of fact) can become overwhelmed with all of the new strategies and techniques that are presented to them. But it is important to take a step back and concentrate on the purpose, rather than the quantity of the strategies. You will find five practices to focus on your goal of creating substantial and informative lesson plans that will improve your students' achievements.
  • ascd.org

    Essential Skills for New Teachers

    7 minute read
    Dina Capobianco says:
    This instructional guide will provide you with a number of strategies to successfully master the art of teaching. Organizational (time management and lesson design), assessment (self-evaluation and student assessment), and instructional strategies (student-centered and teacher-centered learning) are outlined to provide a general overview of skills for you to enhance.
  • Dina Capobianco says:
    I absolutely love this resource, as it serves as a complete guide with tips and strategies for new teachers. It focuses on various topics that teachers face every day, provides additional resources and support for professional development, and gives teachers a variety of lesson plans and ideas for all grade levels.
  • Dina Capobianco says:
    Teachers are often provided with effective strategies and information but are unaware of how to actually implement them into their classroom. Many teachers do not receive the assistance they need through colleague assistance, mentoring, collaboration, and resources, and therefore lose their own ideals in the process. Here are some survival strategies for new teachers to help them through the early years. There is also information about an available course for further instruction.
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