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Effective Plans and Strategies for Substitute Teachers

Keeping track of a number of grade levels, classrooms, and students as a substitute teacher can be a huge challenge. Not only do they have to walk into a new classroom and gain the respect of new students every single day, but they have to abide by teacher's rules and procedures along the way. Teaching students in your own way and keeping the head teachers' methods in place is difficult but highly possible!
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Effective Plans and Strategies for Substitute Teachers
  • owlcation.com

    How to Be an Effective Substitute Teacher: A Guide and Tips for Substitute Teachers in the Classroom

    7 minute read
    Dina Capobianco says:
    Many useful tips for substitutes, including tips on classroom management, arriving early, and dressing professionally can be found here. Strategies, like greeting your class right at the door and beginning lessons at the start of the class, will help students know that you are in control. Learn that it is important not to be a student's friend but for them to respect you so they do not try to take advantage of you. Follow the teacher's routine if possible.
  • Dina Capobianco says:
    On page 23, the author describes five daily essentials for substitute teachers. They include: making sure that you are aware of the safety procedures and plans, engaging the students in meaningful assignments, treating all students with the same respect, being present, and staying positive and optimistic. These five guided points will help you to be a successful substitute teacher.
  • teachers.net

    The Effective Substitute Teacher

    6 minute read
    Dina Capobianco says:
    Following plans that the teacher has left for you is important. But on days when it is not possible to do so or something goes wrong, it is essential to have a backup plan. A SubPak is a group of items including personal and professional items, activity materials, and everyday items. These will help you get through even the most trying days and always keep you prepared.
  • teachercreated.com

    Tips for Being a Successful Substitute Teacher

    55 minute read
    Dina Capobianco says:
    Not only is this a guide for substitute teachers to follow while they are in the classroom, but it also involves special guidelines to follow for accepting the calls in the morning and getting yourself prepared before you go in. Remember to be respectful, follow the plans, and report back at the end of the day.
  • teaching.about.com

    Guidelines to Become an Effective Substitute Teacher

    7 minute read
    Dina Capobianco says:
    Being prepared and knowing that students are going to test you to see what they are able to get away with are essential. This article highlights the importance of flexibility and adaptability, which are two key concepts all substitute teachers must keep in mind. Things may not always go how you plan them to. This is a whole new group of students, and with this in mind, know that plans will sometimes have to be adapted to fit the needs of the classroom. As a substitute, you have to be flexible!
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