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Departmentalizing in Upper Elementary

Studies show that departmentalizing students in upper elementary school helps students to become more prepared, more independent, and are provided with variety; a new environment to keep students engaged. For teachers, departmentalizing can help teachers to learn from other teachers in different ways, create experts in their field when focusing on one or few subjects, and get to know every student in the grade, rather than just one homeroom class.
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Departmentalizing in Upper Elementary
  • thecornerstoneforteachers.com

    Tips for Departmentalized Teaching in Elementary School

    5 minute read
    Dina Capobianco says:
    Pros--such as getting to know both the material and all students in the grade very well and cons--including extra plans and scheduling issues are provided here. Classroom management tips are also discussed, focusing on different strategies to help make departmentalizing easier.
  • Dina Capobianco says:
    In the third paragraph of page 185, departmentalization is discussed. While some teachers believe that it is helpful to departmentalize to better prepare students and have teachers focus on one subject, allowing them to perfect their knowledge on the topic, others believe that with the changing of the classes, they will not be able to develop deep relationships with their students and have less flexibility with their plans and schedules.
  • Dina Capobianco says:
    An interesting point is discussed on page 127 of this book. Over twenty years ago, elementary schools did not departmentalize. This caused teachers to teach each and every subject to children, regardless of preference or skill. This means that even if teachers were not strong in a subject, they still had to teach it, causing students to suffer. Furthermore, when a teacher dislikes a subject, it has a huge impact on the students.
  • macrothink.org

    Comparison of Self-Contained and Departmentalized Elementary Teachers' Perceptions

    15 minute read
    Dina Capobianco says:
    Results in this study, (found on page 119) showed that teachers who departmentalize in their elementary school were much happier, had a lighter workload, and were more satisfied with their jobs than teachers in that very same school who did not departmentalize. Also uncovered was that teachers of departmentalized classrooms preferred this type of set up to self-contained teachers, and many of the self-contained teachers opted to try departmentalization if given the chance.
  • atafordpas.org

    Departmental Elementary School 2nd through 5th grade Self Contained Pre-K through 1st Grade

    8 minute read
    Dina Capobianco says:
    Focusing on departmentalization in grades two through six, this school incorporates the Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) program. This program encourages positive behaviors in the classroom by providing positive guidelines for expectations of behavior for all students in the school, leading to values including responsibility, safety, and respect.
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