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Handling the Toughest Behaviors in Any Classroom

Your ability to establish good classroom management in your classroom will determine how well your students will learn. Most of your students may exhibit few if any discipline problems, but you will have one of two students who bring hard-to-handle behaviors into the classroom. Knowing how to manage them will make you a teacher of legend.
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Handling the Toughest Behaviors in Any Classroom
  • hawthorne-ed.com

    Pre-Referral Intervention Manual

    5 minute read
    Debi Christensen says:
    I have bought and given away more copies of this manual than any other book because it’s full of strategies to help with classroom management, among other issues. If you can think of a behavior, it’s in this manual, along with strategies to try when helping difficult students.
  • amle.org

    Classroom Management Strategies for Difficult Students

    6 minute read
    Debi Christensen says:
    Knowing how to build appropriate relationships with students is critical to mastering classroom management and addressing difficult behaviors in your students. While knowing how to build rapport and empathy are important to your success, so is leaving your ego behind and not power-struggling with your students.
  • ascd.org

    The Key to Classroom Management

    7 minute read
    Debi Christensen says:
    Classrooms with few discipline problems are well organized, efficient and positive. There’s also a strong feeling of mutual respect between the teacher and students. Master teachers show interest in their students’ extracurricular activities and they are equitable with all students. High needs students, however, can present special problems. I appreciate the chart that shows how to work with these students.
  • apa.org

    Classroom Management

    7 minute read
    Debi Christensen says:
    Excellent classroom management skills promote learning in the classroom. These behavior strategies will help you with 85% of the behaviors you will see in class, and the Positive Behavior Support model is one of the most effective for helping students take control of their own behaviors.
  • Debi Christensen says:
    This site addresses some of the worst behaviors you are likely to see in your classroom, from students who yell disrespectfully at you to student who look for ways to push you over the top. I appreciate the reminders that sometimes the behaviors we see in the classroom are a a student’s way of masking other challenges they may be having, either in school or at home.
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