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Senioritis: HS Remedies for the College Bound Senior

Work Smarter, Not Harder: A collection designed to help you prepare high school upperclassmen for college through self-regulated learning. My hope is that through his collection, it will give you the tools to provide students an eye opener to the level of accountability needed for higher learning and to help them understand extra credit and sliding deadlines are not always viable options.
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Senioritis: HS Remedies for the College Bound Senior
  • Ashley Hawkins says:
    Some are of the thought that if you aren't smart, you won't make it in college. The reality is, the most successful students are aware of their strengths, weaknesses and learning styles and make it work to their advantage. This chapter excerpt is from the book "Creating Self-Regulated Learners: Strategies to Strengthen Students’ Self-Awareness and Learning Skills" and is available for purchase online.
  • facultyfocus.com

    The Secret of Self-Regulated Learning

    7 minute read
    Ashley Hawkins says:
    Here's a secret: a plan a day keeps academic probation away. Self-regulated learning is a necessary tool to keep students in good academic standing. This resource helps you guide students in assessing their accountability for their performance. In addition, it goes and step farther to help you help them to reflect on what does, and does not, work to bring about desired academic results.
  • Ashley Hawkins says:
    So what is self-regulated learning anyway, you ask? No need to read a book. This video provides a thorough overview of this learning method and how to assist students in becoming self-regulated learners. An account does need to be created to continue watching the video but there is an offer for a free 5 day trial.
  • Ashley Hawkins says:
    You too can start applying self-regulated learning in the classroom. If this is your first time, watch this short video for an explanation of the steps to integrate self-regulated learning in your classroom. If you like music when you learn new concepts, it also features a nice jazzy tune :-)
  • brighthubeducation.com

    7 Easy Steps for Creating a Classroom Accountability System

    6 minute read
    Ashley Hawkins says:
    Learning true accountability while in high school will dramatically help a student recognize when they can be doing more to get better results. I have heard from students time and time again as an academic advisor that the reason they aren't doing well in a course is due to a the "teaching style" of a professor (whose focus is more on delivering content than with pedagogy), the workload, and various other reasons that place blame elsewhere.
  • nebhe.org

    The High School to College Transition: Minding the Gap

    8 minute read
    Ashley Hawkins says:
    Students who are successful in high school, need to be reminded that "one size does not always fit all." To continue on, or begin, that path to success, their approach to college demands an adaptive style. The New England Journal of Higher Education lays out the challenges first year students face. These students are not prepared for the drastic amount of self-reliance they need to succeed. The successful student self-directs, sees the challenge ahead and seeks out the resources they need.
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