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Making Math Anxiety Disappear

Students often experience a nearly paralyzing fear when they are faced with math. That fear and paralysis is called math anxiety, and many students have no idea how to overcome it. As math teachers, it is our job to help them face their fears and decrease their math anxiety. Here are some ways to help students dissolve their math anxiety and feel confident in the subject.
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Making Math Anxiety Disappear
  • weber.edu

    How to Overcome Math Anxiety

    10 minute read
    AD McDaniel says:
    It takes a solid, tried-and-true strategy to assist anyone with overcoming an anxiety. This article shows you how to help nervous math students overcome the panic, helplessness, paralysis, and mental disorganization that arise when they are required to solve a mathematical problem.
  • sfgate.com

    Demystifying math could ease anxiety

    6 minute read
    AD McDaniel says:
    Want to really get in the minds of students with serious math anxiety? This research from Stanford found that kids who were stressed about math had brain activity patterns similar to people with other phobias. Read through this to help understand what some of your students are going through so you can help dissolve their math fears.
  • AD McDaniel says:
    A major cause of math anxiety is many students do not know how ubiquitous math is in their lives, and the things people don't understand, they often fear. This video shows what how when one teacher focused more on connecting math with his students' everyday lives, their math anxiety almost entirely went away. Watch this video to get some inspiration on how to connect more with your students to help ease their fears.
  • AD McDaniel says:
    Hearing directly from another teacher is often the best way to get strategies for your classroom. This video outlines the strategies one math teacher uses to get his students excited about math, breaks down why so many students struggle with math, and outlines how to conquer your math anxiety.
  • AD McDaniel says:
    As a teacher, the student's perspective is the most important one. This video shows a math anxiety workshop that is geared toward students. The workshop covers simple techniques students can apply to overcome their math fears. Also, the quality of the workshop presenter is a great model for how you can talk to your students about math anxiety.
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BloomBoard Asks:What are some ways you have helped your students face their math fears?
Marilyn NashEarly Childhood Education Lower Elementary Upper Elementary Middle School High School MathMay 09, 2017
I encourage students to engage with games! It adds fun into mathematics and helps students enjoy math!