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Foundations of Practice in Working Memory

Getting students to improve their working memory often involves certain strategies employed by the teacher. This collection offers some insight into the connection between working memory and learning as well as strategies you can implement in your classroom to strengthen your students working memory.
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A Collection By Jeffrey Sack
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  • 5 Collection Items
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Foundations of Practice in Working Memory
  • mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk

    Working Memory and Learning Difficulties

    10 minute read
    Jeffrey Sack says:
    We know that working memory issues impact learning. How can one improve working memory if they experience learning difficulties? This article presents some interventions and supports that can be used with students (or anyone for that matter). I think it is essential that teachers know some strategies to help students improve their learning.
  • Jeffrey Sack says:
    Peter Doolittle presents the basics of working memory in this video by using real world examples we can relate to.
  • Jeffrey Sack says:
    Did you know that dark chocolate improves working memory? This is the first tip given on how to improve a student's working memory. The speakers, both recognized experts in working memory, give practical classroom examples for each of their tips. Are bare walls or informational walls better? You might be surprised at what you learn in this short video.
  • Jeffrey Sack says:
    Knowing the connection between working memory and learning is important for teachers and school psychologists. This text provides assessment tools, interventions, case studies and current evidence-based best practices that can help educators to develop plans to support student learning and memory. While geared more to the school psychologist, I think this text would be a great resource for all teachers as it comprehensively covers the range of working memory issues.
  • edutopia.org

    Put Working Memory to Work in Learning

    5 minute read
    Jeffrey Sack says:
    The author defines working memory as the conscious processing and managing of information required to carry out complex cognitive tasks. This article does a great job of defining the topic and offering some history into its research background. She also provides some tips for teachers on how to improve the working memory of students. This article would be a great place to start learning about this key cognitive skill.
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