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Creating Data-Driven Reteaching Groups

It is sometimes difficult to know if students have learned the desired material. Prior to reteaching it, a teacher should examine sources of data to determine if the desired learning has taken place and if individual, small group, or whole class reteaching is necessary. This collection contains resources about data-driven decision making and how data can be used to inform instruction.
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A Collection By Jeffrey Sack
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  • 8 Collection Items
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Creating Data-Driven Reteaching Groups
  • waymandatause.com

    Involving Teachers in Data-Driven Decision Making

    Jeffrey Sack says:
    Since teachers are on the front lines, it is a good practice to involve them with the decisions involved with using data to inform instruction. This academic study investigated the teacher's use of computer databases when creating lessons and how effective they were. While written for educational researchers, I think this article provides some valuable insight into what and how teachers make data-driven decisions.
  • Jeffrey Sack says:
    With all the data to which teachers have access, how can they possible wade through it all and figure out the best way for it to inform instruction? This short video describes one school's efforts to do just this. I think the information is well presented and the information included within is quite useful. While they present some things that are school-specific, overall, their ideas can be transferred to any school and any class.
  • Jeffrey Sack says:
    Different types of data are quite useful when trying to establish a student's strengths and weaknesses. This video investigates the different types of data teachers can use to inform their instruction to best meet the needs to their students. I like the amount of information the speaker presents here and think that watching this video will help other teachers to figure out what kinds of data they have access to and can use it in their own classes.
  • Jeffrey Sack says:
    EducationWeek has put together a selection of articles that revolve around the topic of data-driven decision making in education. There are links to each one along with a short summary about each. I think this collection is worth reading, as a lot of these articles are quite informative.
  • Jeffrey Sack says:
    The state of Connecticut produced this handy download that basically summarizes everything a teacher or administrator needs to know about data-driven decision making. All the points are clear and concise. I think the information contained here would be very useful to both teachers and administrators.
  • mathematica-mpr.com

    A Conceptual Framework for Data Driven Decision Making

    20 minute read
    Jeffrey Sack says:
    This research report summarizes the theory behind the implementation of data-driven decision making in schools. It discusses a lot of the background and current efforts to include this style of thinking into all teaching and learning. I think this report is quite beneficial and would be a wonderful asset to any school system implementing such a program. It is a great reference.
  • naesp.org

    Using Student Achievement Data to Support Instructional Decision Making

    45 minute read
    Jeffrey Sack says:
    Using data to inform one's instruction is at the top of school reform these days. This article produced by the National Association of Elementary School Principals details why data should be used and provides suggestions as to how changes can be made to incorporate it. All school administrators should read this as it provides a lot of great advice and is quite thorough in its scope.
  • Jeffrey Sack says:
    How can teachers use data to inform instruction? This article provides a wonderful listing of many of the best practices teachers should employ to incorporate data into their teaching and learning. I think this article is a great place to start when implementing data-driven decision making.
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