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The Importance of Showing Students You Care

I hope that, in general, you had good teachers all the way through school. I also fervently hope that you had some great teachers – the ones you can say changed your life. I did, and I can still hear their voices and see their faces. Like parenting, teaching can become a strain because it is such a daily thing. (As one sage wisely stated, “The problem with life is that it is so daily.” In those times when you find yourself ready to run away from school yourself, review some of these resources.
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The Importance of Showing Students You Care
  • teach.com

    Teachers Care

    Freda Farmer says:
    This short article explains some of the many reasons why knowing that a teacher cares motivates a student. It creates a positive atmosphere, engages students, and makes them comfortable enough to participate and to ask for help. Tips are provided. One researcher says “The most powerful factor in transforming students is a relationship with a caring teacher who a kid feels particularly connected to.”
  • Showing Kids You Care

    Freda Farmer says:
    I would encourage EVERY teacher to print this list of short phrases as a cheat sheet and keep it where they can see it daily. Unfortunately, in today’s test-test-test climate it is too easy to focus on achievement and the mind and forget the heart, which is the fountainhead of engagement. Besides, children of all ages need love—fully as much as flowers need rain—in order to thrive.
  • Freda Farmer says:
    Coming all the way from Brazil (but in English!) this four-minute You Tube made me cry as I recalled the wonderful teachers I had who did so many of these small (but really HUGE) things for me. With “Top of the World” by the Carpenter playing in the background, 100 short phrases pop up on screen, interspersed with photos of classrooms, students, and teachers. This is a sure-fire cure if you are feeling a bit of burnout.
  • Freda Farmer says:
    Written by a second-grade teacher, this article’s five tips are clearly explained by a teacher who obviously has carefully considered the issue of showing his students he cares. He includes some simply charming video clips of his students. If you are an elementary teacher, and only have time for one resource, this would be the one I would recommend. . This teacher, who truly does care, will help you care more and show your young students that you care, too.
  • teachmag.com

    6 Ways to Let Students Know You Care

    5 minute read
    Freda Farmer says:
    This excellent short article explains six thoughtful ways to SHOW students you care – in about 500 words. It also includes a three-minute vimeo (perfect for middle and high schoolers) that demonstrates examples of how students can let you know how they are feeling – in six words or less.
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